Sunday, September 29, 2013

Regret - Trind Keratin Treatment for Nails

I am so over the bullshit that are nail strengtheners… done… finito… this is one product I will no longer WASTE my money on. While out of sheer curiosity and desperation I gave this product a try, (mentally "keeping my fingers crossed" for it to work), I should have just listened to my sister and myself.
Sister: "The way to obtain strong beautiful nails is nutrition. You create beauty by feeding beauty. You won't get the results you want with topical treatments."
Me: "Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize…"

I picked this up at my local spa. The duo aspect of this treatment was different enough for me to give it a try. Two products must be better, than one..... right?????
The description for your reading pleasure. But if you do not wish to squint, the pink bottle is the "balsam". Applies with a brush like a nail polish, disappears off or into your nail after a couple of minutes... smells good. Yellow bottle is the "protector", once again applies like a nail polish, but this stuff dries down shiny.
The bottles are pretty... the caps kind of ridiculous, but I liked them.
Next instructions for use. Basically this has to be re-applied daily. Previous day's coat to be removed with acetone free nail polish remover.
My favorite nail polish remover is made by Zoya, but that formula does contain low acetone. So I bought one... it wasn't expensive... but it was something I wouldn't normally purchase.  This is actually a pretty good product and once I start to wear polish, I'll find out how well it works on the real thing... maybe Zoya will be replaced.
Ingredient list....
So here are my digits... and I'm desperate to have those peels grow out and go away...
I was extremely diligent in applying this daily for 7 weeks straight. The product promised amazing results in 4... well I had no results after a month so I gave it a bit more... My diligence and commitment to this product left me with worse nails than I started with.... ahhh why was I surprised... My tips became so fragile they started to hurt, and feel very sensitive. Not good for someone who does a lot of typing in her daily job.

Other than not making my nails any better... it also  yellowed them... maybe that's why you can wear nail polish on top of the "protector", to mask the "smoker" shade of yellow your nails turn... See below, last day I had this stuff on my fingers...
I don't know who nails strengtheners work for... but I know they don't work for me...
Currently I am obsessively moisturizing with a tube of new cream I bought, and supplementing with some vitamins my sister recommended. Nails are getting better but excruciatingly slowly... so slowly...

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  1. I stopped the nail strengtheners after your last post and I haven't had any peeling again. Don't think I would go back to them now x