Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Philosophy High Tea Tidings (Holiday 2012 set)

So a few weeks ago Sephora had a sale.  I took advantage and acquired a few items that piqued my interest. One of them was this Philosophy set. Obviously not a popular item during the 2012 Holiday season, but lovely for me as a I got to snap it up for half the price.
This set contained:
Raspberry Almond Scone shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath
Lemon Cream body lotion
Wild Berry Jam lip gloss
I got to use all three products, so here are my impressions.
Body Wash - pass. The scent is lovely, but the warning on the packaging has ensured that I do not wish to use this as a bubble bath or to repurchase. Warning: "... excessive use or prolonged exposure may cause irritation to skin and urinary tract ..."

Body Lotion - nice. It's lemony but not sweet. The scent is very refreshing actually. However I'm not a fan of lotion. This is just too thin and too light for my liking. I like my body moisturizers to be heavy and I don't mind if they are a bit greasy as well.

Lip gloss - love. One of my fave Philosphy products. Eventhough Wild Berry Jam looks dark and vampy in the tube,  it barely stains your lips. It does however impart a lovely, super glossy sheen to your kisser. It's non sticky and wears very well.
Below a very heavy swatch on my arm, to catch that gorgeous sparkle.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Chicago Haul

Vacation is over... so bittersweet... love being home... but miss the "vacation" leisure...  Here are the few bits and pieces I picked up while in the windy city.

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Here I come again... :)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Like: Peter Thomas Roth Botanical Buffing Beads

I picked this up during a sale Sephora was having a little while ago, and paid only $16 CAD for it instead of the $40 it usually retails for.

This wash is formulated for face and body... which makes me feel this is intended for men :) You know one product, multiple purposes :) I however use this only on my body, it just doesn't feel like a face wash to me.

Formulated for all skin types this wash claims to be an effective, gentle, and non-abrasive. The beads are ultra-fine jojoba that exfoliate, unclog pores, and emulsify sebum,  preventing  breakouts. 

I don't use this wash on it's own because it doesn't really foam up; and I need luscious suds when scrubbing down my body. I do mix this in with my Korres body wash for cleanser perfection.  My skin feels clean but not stripped, and this combo is most effective post a sweaty workout. This has a nice light scent and I enjoy using it. 

I don't wish to pay $40 for it though... however should it ever go on sale again, I think I will indulge once again. This is a lovely body wash addition... I don't know and don't plan to test this out on my face.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Love: Korres Showergel - Japanese Rose

Picked this up for $22 CAD at sephora one day. Maybe pricey, but the bottle is generous at 400ml (13.5 fl oz), and I like nice stuff in my shower and on my body... It's what draws me to turn on the tap each day :)

On an intro side note this brand is also carried by Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada (but possibly not at all locations), so I may look for it there next time... utilize some of my points :) Now that I think of it, if this can be found at SDM, I bet Murale has it on their shelves for sure... need to pay them a visit some day soon to confirm.

I purchased this without smelling it. I just saw "Japanese Rose" on the bottle and that's all it took. Well it you think this smells like a typical "rose" product you will be wrong. The scent barely hints at rose, it is light, sweet, fruity, and floral. If you dislike "rose" products or strong scents, you my still find yourself liking this anyways. Don't write this rose off scent unscented :)

Consistency... nice and viscous. Colour... light pale yellow. Foaming action... excellent.

I love that this good for me, good for the planet product has such great sudsing property. This feel rich and indulgent, you don't need a lot to work up a great lather.  It leaves your skin delicately scented, clean, and lightly moisturized.

And lets not forget Korres' honesty by including the following on their packaging:
Lastly about  the packaging, it is neat and sturdy. Quality packaging holding quality product.  Overall a great buy for me.

Future repurchase.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Like - Ole Henriksen Vitamine Plus

This has been my day moisturizer for a couple of months now.  I wanted something light, and formulated for troublesome skin.  My research led me to Ole Henriksen and a jar of their Vitamine Plus cream.

Main active ingredients (from 
- Aloe Vera: Moisturizing, calming, healing.
- Horse Chestnut: Lightens and calms sensitive skin.
- Korean Ginseng: Stimulates microcirculation.
- Hazelnut oil: Nourishing anti-oxidant.
Color, a light beige-white. Texture surprisingly thick... that is until you apply it to your face; then this product smooths in and sinks in almost instantly leaving absolutely no residue behind. Great for the oily types like myself. My skin feels light and hydrated. It has a slight mattefying effect, that wears off for me in a few hours.  But I like this stuff. I like it but don't love it... it's not the miracle cream that I'm searching for :) which will keep me matte all day long, clear up my skin, and refine its texture :)
The back of the box, with the ingredient list for those who care.
So once I use this up, I won't be running out to re-purchase... but no regrets acquiring it.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Beauty Haul: Septemer 2013

This took a while to film... and to post.... my longest video yet... congrats if you have the stamina to watch it to the end... once I get to the honey body wash, my mind just gives up :)

Friday, October 4, 2013

No Repurchase - Maybelline Volume Express One by One Mascara

I don't want to label this as a regret because I'll continue to use it for the next little while, but this is a definite "no repurchase".  I acquired it in mid-September as my previous choice dried out prematurely. This caught my eye at Shopper Drug Mart. Loved the bright red-pink tube and the price, it was on sale for $5.99 CAD.

I chose the regular formulation in the blackest black.
Pretty little brush, that was coated with black tar after its first immersion :)
It's gimmick is the flexibility. However this makes absolutely no difference when applying. I'm not sure about your lashes but mine are soft and flexible. This brush does not bend one tiny bit when I run it over them. Never have I used a mascara and thought it would be better if the brush had give to it.
Now this formula does not give me any discernible volume or length, but it does coat my lashes evenly, and true to it's marketing promise it does not clump. What it also does however, is crumble and smudge a bit throughout the day... hence no repurchase. I'm not sure why I'm not bothered more by this... at one time my panties would be all in a bunch over this fact.

Maybe the waterproof version doesn't have the same issues, but I'm too cheap to spend another six bucks to find out... I am however tempted to spend $70 and try the one by Sisley.... ahhhhh the logic defies reason... I must have had some sort of a head accident as a kid :)