Thursday, October 17, 2013

Love: Korres Showergel - Japanese Rose

Picked this up for $22 CAD at sephora one day. Maybe pricey, but the bottle is generous at 400ml (13.5 fl oz), and I like nice stuff in my shower and on my body... It's what draws me to turn on the tap each day :)

On an intro side note this brand is also carried by Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada (but possibly not at all locations), so I may look for it there next time... utilize some of my points :) Now that I think of it, if this can be found at SDM, I bet Murale has it on their shelves for sure... need to pay them a visit some day soon to confirm.

I purchased this without smelling it. I just saw "Japanese Rose" on the bottle and that's all it took. Well it you think this smells like a typical "rose" product you will be wrong. The scent barely hints at rose, it is light, sweet, fruity, and floral. If you dislike "rose" products or strong scents, you my still find yourself liking this anyways. Don't write this rose off scent unscented :)

Consistency... nice and viscous. Colour... light pale yellow. Foaming action... excellent.

I love that this good for me, good for the planet product has such great sudsing property. This feel rich and indulgent, you don't need a lot to work up a great lather.  It leaves your skin delicately scented, clean, and lightly moisturized.

And lets not forget Korres' honesty by including the following on their packaging:
Lastly about  the packaging, it is neat and sturdy. Quality packaging holding quality product.  Overall a great buy for me.

Future repurchase.

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