Friday, October 4, 2013

No Repurchase - Maybelline Volume Express One by One Mascara

I don't want to label this as a regret because I'll continue to use it for the next little while, but this is a definite "no repurchase".  I acquired it in mid-September as my previous choice dried out prematurely. This caught my eye at Shopper Drug Mart. Loved the bright red-pink tube and the price, it was on sale for $5.99 CAD.

I chose the regular formulation in the blackest black.
Pretty little brush, that was coated with black tar after its first immersion :)
It's gimmick is the flexibility. However this makes absolutely no difference when applying. I'm not sure about your lashes but mine are soft and flexible. This brush does not bend one tiny bit when I run it over them. Never have I used a mascara and thought it would be better if the brush had give to it.
Now this formula does not give me any discernible volume or length, but it does coat my lashes evenly, and true to it's marketing promise it does not clump. What it also does however, is crumble and smudge a bit throughout the day... hence no repurchase. I'm not sure why I'm not bothered more by this... at one time my panties would be all in a bunch over this fact.

Maybe the waterproof version doesn't have the same issues, but I'm too cheap to spend another six bucks to find out... I am however tempted to spend $70 and try the one by Sisley.... ahhhhh the logic defies reason... I must have had some sort of a head accident as a kid :)

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