Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Philosophy High Tea Tidings (Holiday 2012 set)

So a few weeks ago Sephora had a sale.  I took advantage and acquired a few items that piqued my interest. One of them was this Philosophy set. Obviously not a popular item during the 2012 Holiday season, but lovely for me as a I got to snap it up for half the price.
This set contained:
Raspberry Almond Scone shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath
Lemon Cream body lotion
Wild Berry Jam lip gloss
I got to use all three products, so here are my impressions.
Body Wash - pass. The scent is lovely, but the warning on the packaging has ensured that I do not wish to use this as a bubble bath or to repurchase. Warning: "... excessive use or prolonged exposure may cause irritation to skin and urinary tract ..."

Body Lotion - nice. It's lemony but not sweet. The scent is very refreshing actually. However I'm not a fan of lotion. This is just too thin and too light for my liking. I like my body moisturizers to be heavy and I don't mind if they are a bit greasy as well.

Lip gloss - love. One of my fave Philosphy products. Eventhough Wild Berry Jam looks dark and vampy in the tube,  it barely stains your lips. It does however impart a lovely, super glossy sheen to your kisser. It's non sticky and wears very well.
Below a very heavy swatch on my arm, to catch that gorgeous sparkle.

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