Friday, November 8, 2013

Dior: Diorific Duo Manicure Bijou - Holiday 2013

This is the only thing I wanted from the holiday collection Dior put out this season. I put my request in with my husband :) He put it in with his contact at Holt Renfrew... and it's a good thing he did. They only received 20 units... these puppies never made it on the shelf, every single one was spoken for... and one of them had my name on it... or maybe my husbands :)
 Inside the gold box more gold and sparkle. Nestled in soft black tray, a gold nail polish, a funnel, and crystal beads. Now I've always been intrigued by the 3D nail effects but never researched the stuff. I was surprised that the beads were loose and not suspended in a solution.
Then I read the instructions that were included and all became clear.   First I applied base coat and than a layer of the gold polish. I waited 10 minutes for it to dry, then applied a second coat, and immediately poured some crystals over it, they crystals stuck. I gently pressed them in and waited for all to dry.
The plastic tray that came included caught all the beads that didn't make it onto the nail. Then I simply poured them back into the bottle using the funnel provided.
 The base and top coat used. I chose Chanel because I have it, and also because I find this top coat to be really thin, so I felt it would get in between the beads and seal them in better.
 Below shots of the one nail I did. Yup only one. I really like this as an accent. I don't have the patience or the skill to do all 10. Plus I don't wish to use this up too quickly (limited edition).
 The texture drove me a bit nutty, definitely something to get used to. I couldn't stop myself from touching my nail... the next day the accent was gone.
 But I did love they way it looked while it lasted... reminded me of tobiko...
I'm looking forward to trying this over other colors.

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