Thursday, November 21, 2013

Estée Lauder Sagittarius Compact - Holidays 2013

A treat from my husband... and it's not even my birthday... not yet :)

I present to you Estée Lauder's limited edition Sagittarius zodiac compact for 2013.  This is the second zodiac compact I have in my possession. My sister gifted me one last year, you can click HERE to see the 2012 edition. 

Here is the 2013 packaging... which is exactly the same as last year :)
 I think I have the beginning of a new collection if EL continues this year to year... hope to see many exciting designs...
Little navy velvet pouch, to hold my treasure...
 The compact is exactly the same size... and it's just as pretty as the last one. This time the crystals are a part of the design.
 The clasp slightly different... no birthstone. But we have EL logo, year, and the sign embossed on the inside rim...
 EL does make powder refills, so this little baby will be used occasionally :)

I am thankful to the one and for the one, who spoils me so thoughtfully :)

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