Friday, November 15, 2013

Marc Jacobs Honey Perfume

My husband brought this home for me one day... he knew I wanted it... not so much for the scent but for the name :) Honey because I have a Honey and she's pretty sweet.

Fragrance description is not my strong suit. I am unable to define, notes, hints, bases, dry down and so on. I can tell you that I like it, it's sweet, but fresh... young and summery. I find the scent pleasant, but if not for the gorgeous bottle and the name I would have never given it any of my attention... it's no Jo Malone Vanilla & Anise which I adore.

I reach for this on the weekends, when I'm feeling like stepping out of my JM comfort zone.

I'm including a proper description as found on Sephora online for those of you who wish to understand this scent a bit better. As I read it I was nodding to myself "yes, yes, yes, yup...". I totally agree with this write up... there is just no way I would ever be able to come up with one by myself...

"Honey by Marc Jacobs is a sunny, delicious floral—energetic and alluring, with a sparkling, golden touch. The perfect mix of brightness and warmth.

This buzzing fragrance energizes with the freshness of green pear and a bright splash of fruity punch and juicy mandarin. Orange blossom resides at the heart of the fragrance and mingles with the nectars of honeysuckle and peach for a note of sparkling femininity. Honey, vanilla, and smooth woods dry down to a warm, golden base.

Pear, Juicy Mandarin, Orange Blossom, Peach Nectar, Apricot, Honeysuckle, Honey, Golden Vanilla, Smooth Woods.
Sweet. Sassy. Energized."

And lastly my Honey....

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