Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Limited Edition - CHANEL Charming Eyeshadow Palette - Holidays 2013

This is the only item that captured my attention from the Holiday 2013 collection presented by CHANEL… although when I went to visit the counter I also walked away with 2 new nail lacquers (see them here).
I don't know if I would have spent that kind of money on a palette if not for Lisa Eldrige who labeled this as "THE ONE" for her. Lucky lady received hers months ago from CHANEL, I waited until November then made a pilgrimage to Holt's and got one for myself. 

It comes housed in a soft velvety sleeve. I know some find this wasteful and useless and throw these out, but if my palette (shadow, blush, or bronzer) is encased in something so pretty, that's how I store it.
What I do find useless and wasteful are the applicators included with the palette. I just don't see the point, and they find no purpose in my house.
Black, sleek, beautiful.
Now I know what Lisa likes about it so much. Aside from the beautiful packaging, and the gorgeous crosshatch pattern, the shadows are extremely finally milled, nicely pigmented, and such "grown up" colors.
Except for the middle shade all are velvety matte. When I look at the 5 shade range the word "earthy" comes to mind. This isn't a typical holiday palette, no gold and no glitter, instead it is understated in a very sophisticated and elegant way.
My favourite colour is at the very end. This gorgeous dark grey-purple is hard to describe, but I reach for it every time I pop this open.
This was one heck of a splurge... but I'm glad I did it.
Next... to get on CHANEL radar so that I can get Holiday collections during the height of summer :) .... one can dream :)


  1. So jealous - this looks luxe and gorgeous! Enjoy it :)

    1. CHANEL did well this season.... luxe and gorgeous are perfect words to describe it :)

  2. Really awesome palette - what a fabulous selection of shades...Lucky you! xx

    The Belle Narrative