Sunday, December 1, 2013

Love - Lush: Rudolph Fresh Face Mask

My new favorite item from Lush, and new current favorite mask. I'm talking about Rudolph, the limited edition, seasonal, treat. Lush brings Rudolph out once the weather turns, and Christmas is on it's way. Since this is the first year I've bought this mask, I'm not sure how long Lush keeps it around... but I do hope it's all the way to spring. 

This mask has been formulated for Canadian weather... or at least that's what I'd like to believe :)... but seriously this is ideal for this time of the year. When it's cold and frosty outside and warm/hot and dry inside... this kind of switcharoo in temperature can do a number on your face... suddenly your skin becomes, dry, dull, brittle, itchy and you want to give it some love but you don't know how... well this is the product you should slap on.
When you first take a look at the color of the mask, it is not exactly yummy (sort of brown-green)... but that red jelly nose is so cute (hence the name "Rudolph"). Apply this on clean dry face. The texture is a bit grainy and thick, but it does spread nicely and evenly. Lush suggests you pop the jelly nose on while you have the mask on... I tried... it didn't stick... I threw it out... I'm not sure if this supposed to go on top of the mask, or just your skin. I tried it both ways... no grab... no hold... It's ok, that's not the best part of this mask.
The best part is the mask itself. Lush suggests you don't wait for this mask to dry completely... so usually after 10min I'm ready to rinse... and when I do my skin feels so soft, supple, comfortable... this is a jar of relief for winter skin. I'm using it every  2-3 days, and loving the results. It contains soothing and calming ingredients like: oatmeal, calamine, and lavender, as well as revitalizing ones like mint and cucumber.

As you may know I am very acne prone... but his has not aggravated any existing beasts, nor caused any new ones to pop up. I actually find that this has a calming effect on my eruptions...
This is a mask for any skin type that is exposed to sub zero temperatures and needs some pampering. If you haven't tried Rudolph yet, I highly recommend you do. A 60g jar set me back $6.95 which doesn't feel terribly expensive. This mask is "fresh" meaning fresh ingredients, so it has to be stored in the fridge... the coolness feels great upon application. It is also vegan... so a feel good product for all.

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