Saturday, December 14, 2013

Lush: Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb

Loved the name of this bath bomb, the pressed in star, and the colour. I imagined a beautifully fragranced green bath. It was not a green bath... it was deep plum-burgundy. There is another colour  in the centre, that fizzles purple :) 

This bomb also contains fizzing candies... but I did not hear them while this was melting or see the silver luster it's supposed to have (I'll pay closer attention next time I acquire it). Still loved this bath bomb. The colour is gorgeous... and the scent heavenly.  Lush lists pepper oil and patchouli oil as a couple of main ingredients.   I'm usually not crazy about patchouli, but in tandem with pepper... it works... it works very well. 
so pretty... It retails for $5.95 CAD for those who wish to know.


  1. I love LUSH however i have not tried this bath bomb :) xx

    1. i know this one is a seasonal product...not sure how long Lush keeps it around... but I'm sure it will be back next year