Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bobbi Brown - Sunlight (#6 single eye shadow)

This was curiosity at first sight, which lead to love at first swatch. While I'm obsessing about items called "Dune", during the holidays I was simultaneously obsessing over gold shadows.  Well maybe obsessing is a tad too strong... let's just say I'm strangely drawn to gold shadows in December :)

This past season I added Bobbi Brown's Sunlight to my collection. 
Packaging simple and practical.
You can pop the shadows out, if you own or wish to create a custom palette.
As stated this is a sparkle shadow... it's a gorgeous sparkle as well. I used a finger to press this on top of a cream shadow, and simply loved the results. It was gorgeous without being overpowering. Applied with a brush, this gives very sheer, shimmery results, plus a bit of fallout... which may not be a look one is going for.
However this gorgeous champagne gold colour is a much loved addition to my collection.
Pictures don't do this shadow much justice. I suggest if you love gold and sparkle/shimmer to play with this next time you find yourself at a Bobbi Brown counter. 
Bobbi Brown has 6 different colours in this range. At this time I'm not interested in acquiring more... there is just so much sparkle one can get away with :)


  1. Love this shade! It's so pretty :)

    Fairytale Kiss

    Jade x

  2. Thats pretty and would look nice layered on top of other shades :) I think BB shadows are very hit and miss, I swatched those new four pan palettes they have out at the moment and they were so dry and lacking in pigmented, seemed such a shame as they looked so lovely in the palettes.

    1. yes this shadow is definitely made for layering... and I'm glad I wasn't tempted by any BB holiday palettes because I know exactly what you mean :)