Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hourglass Visionaire Eye Shadow Duo - Dune

I am Dune obsessed… if a product has the word “Dune” in its name, I’m itching to own it. Already own “Dune” nail polish from Dior (I actually got that one prior to current madness), Michael Kors McGraw bag color choice came down to the name, and I needed to have the one called “Dark Dune”… and here we have an eyeshadow duo from Hourglass named “Dune” as well.
This duo has been out for quite some time, but it is only recently that it came up on my radar, and once it did, I simply justified acquiring it as a Christmas treat to myself.
These are my first shadows from Hourglass, an all vegan line, and most likely not my last based on the quality of “Dune”.
Let’s break this product down.
First the packaging… one word “sleek”. Highly reflective, and a fingerprint magnet, but still beautiful. It feels light and delicate… I wouldn’t want to drop it :) It is innovative with the “turn it any angle you desire” lid. It feels compact, doesn’t weight much, doesn’t take up too much space. It comes with a mini brush… can’t tell you anything about it, I haven’t and have not plans to use it.
The two shadows are complementary; on one side we have a pale cool champagne color, and on the other a blackened-shimmery-green. Both embossed with the Hourglass logo.
The quality of the shadows is superb and I mean superb. Incredibly soft (the word “buttery” suddenly has meaning when describing these shadows), highly pigmented, and so easy to work with. They blend incredibly well, and wear a whole day on top of my NARS eye primer without creasing or wearing off.
This Dune obsession lead to trying shadows I wouldn’t have otherwise considered…  the price point is a bit of a deterrent (this small duo retails for $44 CAD at Sephora).
Well I really shouldn’t start of the New Year with such an obvious lie :) To be honest eventually I would have splurged (out of sheer curiosity if nothing else), but it would have been most likely “Gypsy” that I would have chosen… and now that I thought it and wrote it down, it might be the next Hourglass shadow duo to find home in my drawer.... that or "Suede"... or both.... or all.... hahahahaha

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