Wednesday, January 22, 2014

IT Cosmetics Tightline

I purchased this during the last IT Cosmetics airing on the Shopping Chanel for 2013. They had quite a number of deals and sets for the Holidays. I gifted my mother a set of IT brushes, and then added a duo of lash primers for myself (it was a deal of two for the price one one).

Now I’m not a big eye lash primer kind of gal; after giving my lashes a gentle curl I usually slap on some mascara and I’m good to go. What convinced me to buy this, was the model on tv. This was pure magic on her lashes, it defined them, made them seem thicker, and ohhh soooo long…. umm but I have to say she had great lashes to begin with… this just made them even more fabulous. 

Also I liked that this was black, not white as most primers.

First thing the packaging. I like it, I like the slim shiny tube and the print on it. However the product is in the smaller half, the top is about 2/3 of the packaging. So not a lot of product.
The wand is extremely thin, as is the brush. The brush is as thick as the wand. Tiny. However this enables me to work this into my lashes at the very base and work it all the way up. I find it takes a while to get my lashes good and coated, however this never clumps so I can take my time.
This primer is filled with all kind of good Jamie stuff for your lashes: collagen, olive, jojoba, avocado, & peptide. Food for your lashes... I don't know how much to believe that these ingredients will have an effect on my lashes.
Below, left eye with primer and right eye without. You definitely can tell the difference... but I think I can achieve the same effect with mascara alone.
I should mention that you can apply mascara on top of this if you wish. But I didn't in these shots.
Ok so here is what I love about this stuff:
- I love the tiny brush
- I love how well this separates and defines
- I love that it has no obvious scent

What bothers me:
- The fact that the product is only 1/3 of the tube
- The fact that either a) I'm using this up very quickly or b) this is drying out very quickly. Either way I've been using my tube about 1 month, and I'm running dry. There isn't a 3 month supply of product in one of these, you need a new one every 1 1/2 months.

I paid $26 CAD for two, usually one retails for $24 CAD. I will not repurchase singles, but should another double deal come up, I'd probably open up my wallet... I just love that freaking tiny brush.

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