Saturday, January 11, 2014

Love - NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

As I was nearing the end of my Laura Mercier Eye Basics, I've decided to explore the world of eye primers a bit more, and my next purchase was the one from NARS. It wasn't a random purchase, this stuff seemed to be on everyone's eyelids other than mine. I just had to find out for myself if it's that good... so I ventured to Sephora and parted with $29 for a tube.

I must say, if I had the ability I would change the packaging in a couple subtle ways. First I would shorten the top... somehow this black part just feels too long. Also I would make the tube clear... I just want to see how much product I have left... or how much is in there to begin with. Because honestly mine felt a bit light... I'm not sure how long it will last me.
However the primer itself is fantastic. I understand the popularity and the following it has.  With the doe foot applicator I smear some on my lids and blend in with my finger. The product is transparent, and I find it easily smooths out and disappears. The shadow I choose to wear that day (powder or cream) applies evenly, and stays put for as long as it has too (which is usually around 14 hours).
No regrets here as you can gather. NARS you have a fan.

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