Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Love - Phyto Paris - Express Conditioner and Color Protect Radiance Shampoo

I purchased this duo a couple of days before I coloured my hair. Although I don't think I coloured my hair, I do believe that ash highlights equate stripping colour from your hair to desired lightness. Regardless… I am not a hair colourist… next time maybe I'll ask for clarification. For now I am supremely happy with my small but plentiful ash blonde streaks that mask my greys beautifully, and I don't regret making this purchase.

First the shampoo, "Phytociturs" which contains grapefruit extract (naturally acidic) seals the cuticle to impart shine, sea buckthorn extract locks in colour and prevents fading, and sweet almond protein restructures.

This shampoo is so thick it borders on being a conditioner. Pouring out this thick as molasses pearly product feels so rich. Yet this stuff feels gentle on my mane and leaves it soft and clean. I've used a lot of nice shampoos in the past, but the scent of this one is hands down my favourite. It smells exactly as a freshly cut pink grapefruit... so delicious and irresistible... Ever since I've started using it, I've been on a serious grapefruit kick... I carve it constantly... can't get enough :)

Next the "Phytobaume" conditioner which contains some of the same fabulous ingredients as the shampoo... namely, grapefruit and sea buckthorn extracts, as well as castor oil, sunflower extract, hibiscus flower acids which helps to seal the cuticle for shine, and mallow extraction (78%).

I love this conditioner for it light feel yet lustrous results. It's thick and creamy, feels dense but doesn't weigh my hair down. Sadly it does not smell of grapefruit, at all... it smells, well "creamy", light and pleasant, and not much like anything. Labeled "express" this an apply and rinse conditioner, no waiting required, which suits me perfectly well in the morning when I do not have time to linger in the shower.

Together this duo has delivered promised results. Soft, shiny, manageable hair. No fading (although as I mentioned I don't think I have colour as much as lack of), and no dullness.

My only beef is with the shampoo packaging. This opaque aluminum bottle with it's large opening is not very user friendly. Dispensing the right amount is a bit of a challenge and it's too easy to pour out more than needed. I hope they reconsider it soon and repackage to something more practical.
Otherwise thumbs up for this duo.

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