Thursday, January 30, 2014

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Color Save Silver Shampoo

Before 2013 became last year, I managed to narrow down my list of potential salons to just one, booked an appointment and got a new do. While my style might not be everyone’s cup of pretty, I am truly happy with the results, and will pay the colourist and the stylist another visit when the time comes. 

My goal was to mask the massive amount of greys I have at my tender age of 30something (stress + genetic predisposition = hair that no longer cares to have pigment). But I didn’t want a solid all over colour, because in a matter of days new growth will appear, and I have a pet peeve when it comes to my head and what I call the “division ribbon” (the natural colour vs enhanced). I also did not want a semi-permanent job, as I wash my hair daily, and that wouldn’t be worth the money.

Also after over 2 years of doing my own henna dye job at home, I just didn’t want to anymore. 

Now I haven’t used henna on my hair for 3-4 months prior to visiting the salon. But the colourist informed me that the part of my hair that was at one point henna shade of brown, may turn a shade of green under salon colour. I said “wow, if that happens it will be one short hair cut”… she said “yeah……”… I said “ok, let’s do it” :).

Hair did not turn green… if it did, I can’t tell… and no one else said anything to me :)

What we decided to do to my hair to mask the grey without covering my hair in a solid shade, is a massive amount of thin ash blonde highlights. It took a while to put them all in, but I had my nose buried in a book, and didn't mind the time.

Now to keep my highlights ashy not brassy my colourist recommended I wash my hair once a week with a purple shampoo. She did not recommend a brand, I didn't ask for one... I wanted to do my own homework.

 What I learned in point form:
  • Washing once a week (or every other shampoo), should be enough. But that depends on your hair's texture and brassiness. 
  • You need only a purple shampoo or a conditioner, not both. Once again I'm sure there are exceptions to this rule, but my hair isn't one.
  • The shampoo must be a deep rich purple, not lavender, not light purple, and not transparent.
  • Purple shampoo isn't a great cleanser, you might need to shampoo twice, if you're also going for cleanliness. My hair is fine, I don't need to.
After some time spent with Google, I decided on a bottle of purple shampoo from Schwarzkopf. I've always wanted something from this brand, this was a perfect reason to finally indulge. 

I wash my hair daily, but I only use this shampoo once a week. The colour is gorgeous, suddenly dark purple is becoming my favourite colour. The scent is not my favourite. I has a bit of a chemical "treatment" scent, not something I want to linger with. It's not oppressively strong, I'm just not a fan.

Rinsing this out is my favourite part, not only because the scent is gone, but for the gorgeous lavender suds that spin down the drain.
Using this once a week has not dried out my hair; but then again I've been using a bit of leave in oil in my hair daily. And my highlights continue to look ashy, not brassy. Yay to purple shampoo.

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