Friday, January 24, 2014

Too Faced - Better Than Sex Mascara

Here is the mascara I've been using daily for the past month. I bought it after one of my fave youtubers dubbed it "awesome".

Although when I went to Sephora, I flinched at the price tag just a bit ($30 CAD). I reassured myself that I'm due for something upscale after using this disappointing product. So I dropped it in my basket, and here I am a month later with my opinion.

1. I HATE THE NAME!!!! It's nails on chalkboard in my head... just tacky. Seriously I want to meet the person who after trying this said "I shall never have sex again... I have mascara!!!" This is not better than sex, not even close... unless you're having really bad, bad sex... or none at all... in which case you should get yourself a tube of mascara :)
2. I LOVE THE PACKAGING. This tube is gorgeous. Feels heavy and substantial for it's size. The frosted pink metal colour is beautiful, as is the embossed name (but not the name itself). 
3. I like the product. This a good mascara, maybe even very good... but not so good that I'd give up sex for it :) I like how the hourglass brush grabs onto my lashes and deposits colour evenly. It does not clump, it does not smudge, it does not crumble.
It also does not live up to it's ridiculous claim. No, it does not give me 1,994% more volume, if it did I'd probably wouldn't be able to keep my eyes open, however I must point out that I stick to just one coat over my IT Cosmetic primer.  That doesn't mean it doesn't add volume, it does, my lashes definitely feel and look fuller, just not obscenely so. See for yourself below.

First two shots, BTS over bare lashes on the left and nothing on the right.
Next two shots, BTS over my IT Cosmetics Tightline on the left... just the Tightline on the right.
Ok, maybe I'll bump this mascara up to great. It really does a wonderful job of adding oomph to my lashes (with or without a primer), it hold a curl beautifully, and my lashes are soft to the touch (not dry hard little sticks coated with tar).

Would I repurchase?????? Hmmmmmm.... If I'm willing to spend 30 bucks on a mascara, I might as well shop around some more. I hear Giorgio Armani's Eyes to Kill is seriously to kill for :) So not at this time... but this is something I might eventually come back to, despite the tacky name.

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