Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dior Addict Lip Glow - Coral (004)

As you may or may not know, when Dior released its 2014 spring makeup collection, there were only two items I really wanted: the blush, and the Coral lip balm.
Blush reviewed and swatched here was an instant love. Lip balm is a luke-warm like at the most. Let me explain.
When I first saw the stock photos, I wasn’t instantly drawn to it the way I was to the blush, but I was curious. It remind me strongly of Givenchy’s lip balm (obsessed with it), except it is packaged in a tube not a pot. Like Givenchy there are two colours Rose and Coral (Givenchy - Peach). Dior’s Rose has been available for a while (not sure if it’s still is, not interested in it), and Coral has been recently released and is labeled as “limited edition”. Like Givenchy lip balms the sticker price is eye watering at $34… but I just wanted to know if it just as luxe.
Well it isn’t… not for me. Packaging is lovely, and preferable to Givenchy’s (especially on the go), but the product isn’t.
First Dior’s lip balm has a scent. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I don’t mind the vanilla???? Is that it???
Two it has a light minty tingling… I’m not wowed but, once again it’s not a deal breaker.
Three it is a labeled as “lip balm”, so the very sheer colour payoff was expected, it doesn’t not make my pout special… the effect is a barely there “your lips, but better”… hint of pigment, a tiny hint. Swatches show more colour than your lips will.
Four, I’m not a fan of the texture. In one word “waxy”. It feels thick upon application. My lips don’t feel conditioned or moisturized just varnished. This I did not expect and do not like.
And so, I have no love for this Dior creation. I don’t hate it, but I do wish I paid at least $14 less for it. Currently it sits on my bathroom shelf, and I make an effort to apply it daily… use it up… and then forget it.

Finally, I have to point out that majority of reviewers out there love this Dior balm, and feel price is justified… so there you go…


  1. Thanks for your honesty. I have been deceived by some reviews in the blogosphere about supposed "amazing" products, and got home so disappointed by my purchase.

    I try to avoid waxy lip products because they always end up leaving my lips really dry, and then I end up in a cycle of constantly having to reapply. And I totally agree with you--for something $34, the product should be much better quality!


    1. you're welcome :) I still can't figure out the price tag behind this product... Dior makes some beautiful stuff, but this isn't one.

  2. that's unfortunate, especially since you were looking forward to getting your hands on it! the packaging does look quite luxurious though