Thursday, February 27, 2014

Love - Estée Lauder Pure Color Instant Intense EyeShadow Trio - Beach Metals (07)

Mid-January I was wondering what eye shadows to take with me on my beach vacation in February. I didn’t want to pack a lot as I knew I wouldn’t use most, but I also knew I’d use something; and while I could have found what I needed in my collection… I used the vacation an excuse to buy a small EL palette.
EL eye shadows are my personal favourite for quality and colour payoff. If I could have only one brand for my eyes, I think this would be it. Online browsing had me undecided between 2 trio sets: Gilded Chocolates and Beach Metals. A visit to Sephora helped the decision making process.
While I loved the colours in Gilded Chocolates, I also felt they would be more suited for Christmas (it must be the gold); and when I swatched Beach Metals, I thought “perfection”, and fell in love. I’ve been pretty much obsessed with it since, and worn it daily on my vacay.
As I said before EL formula is hard to beat; especially with these metals. The shadows are very finely milled and soft. More importantly the colours in this set are supremely gorgeous. They blend easily and seamlessly together. You do not have to wear all 3 together for a perfect eye, although the trio is a perfect 10, and comes with a little application guide :)
These "metals" are very day appropriate, with just enough shimmer to add brightness to your face, and make your eyes sparkle. On top of my NARS eye primer, the shadows last without any creasing or fading until I decide to cleanse my face at the end of the day.
Once we got back to sub-zero Toronto, I once again reached for the comfort of darker and more muted shadows. But I think of Beach Metals daily, and I’m looking forward to summer, and making this trio my daily staple once again. I wouldn’t be against another Cuba trip either :)

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