Sunday, February 23, 2014

Love - YSL Gloss Volupte - Terriblement Fuchsia (49)

My husband surprised me with this little treat a couple of weeks ago (before I went on my vacation). He didn't say it, but it felt like an early Valentine's Day gift (a holiday we, or rather I don't care for much or celebrate). However I did not mind receiving a tube of this YSL gloss, not at all :)

The packaging is gorgeous, simply gorgeous. From the gold cap, to the silver YSL embossed band, to the gorgeous fuchsia colour of the product. If there is one thing YSL does right, it's the lip product packaging, style, feel, proportion... it's all perfection.
If you happen to see stock photos of this product, the applicator is adorably shaped as a pair of lips (see example here). But if you own one of these, your applicator, like mine, only sort of resembles a pair of lips :) Despite the difference between the advertisement and reality, I declare this is to be the best gloss applicator I've ever used. The middle grabs and deposits more color, while the tip allows for easy definition and even application. Brilliant.
The gloss itself is almost beyond description. I don't know if it's the applicator or the product or the combination of both, but upon first contact with my lips, my knees went soft and I was in love. The sensation was beyond description. I've never had a reaction like that to gloss before.
One, the first word that popped into my head, once I got my knees under control is "soft"... this gloss is cashmere for your lips.
Two, it smells amazing... like YSL's sheer candy lip balms, if you ever had the pleasure.
Three it's weightless and non-sticky. You won't feel this on your pucker at all.
There are 24 different shades in this collection, and I am in possession of Terriblement Fuchsia (49). A gorgeous bright pink with very fine shimmer throughout. Beautifully pigmented, it is fun, happy, and perfect for spring.
I've been very attached to this gloss since the day I got it... currently perusing the other 23 shades... dreaming of owning at least 1 more :)

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