Friday, February 7, 2014

Lush Green Bubbleroon Bubble Bar

I think I found my favorite Lush bath treat. I bought this out of curiosity one day, and repurchased a few times since.  This doesn't bubble up much... or at least a lot less than want I'm used to, but I can't help but I love this for two reasons:

1. The grogeous pale green color of my bath water.
2. The delicious fresh green scent of this bubble bar - thanks to orange and lime oils.

The two halves are stuck together with "extra virgin coconut jam" :) which softens and moisturizes the skin.

Now you can twist the two halves apart and have two baths for the price of one bubbleroon, but I'm just not that smart or budget conscious and I just want to saturate myself in this scent.

That's it, keeping this post pretty short... this is my current fave, and if your a Lushaholic, you'd probably already tried it and came to your own conclusions, and if you haven't well I think you should :)

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