Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sandpipers Round II

So for the second time I found myself shopping for beachwear in winter… wow what a nightmare. My body is a dumpling… soft, carb filled, and pasty pale.

Also for the second time I ended up at Sandpipers (purchases made on my first visit 2 years ago can be found here).  The day before I went to Sandpipers, I tried to shop around, I tried stuff on… after 4 hours all I had was a headache, and disappointment in my physique.

Last Sunday post brunch, fuelled with mimosas, I headed back to Sandpipers… and chided myself for not going there first. I love this store, fantastic suit selection, fantastic sales help. They let you choose what you want, but if you’re willing, they’ll also bring you styles they think might suit you. They will not stop, until you say you had enough, you found the “one” or “two”, or you tired on everything in your size.  I took 6 suits with me into the change room, but I tried on 30. I must say that I am grateful to the SA for observing that the suit I loved from the front, was cut all wrong for my body in the back and gave me granny butt. That purchase if made would have been a big regret… honest helpful observations are always welcome.

At the end of my visit, I once again had two favourites. I was spent, but also very happy with my new acquisitions.

Although I must reference one amusing comment… last time, my husband said something very sweet… read here

This time… I walk out in my first suit… he looks at me… 
Husband: (silent pregnant pause)… hmmmmmmm are you sure you don’t want to get a base tan before you go???? 

No. No I don’t. I’m pale. I’m soft. Get used to it. :)

Suits I bought modelled by professionals… much easier on the eyes :)

 La Blanca French Dot One Piece Plunge Halter
Jetts by Jessika Allen Bandeau Swimsuit Whimsical Porcelain

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