Monday, March 31, 2014

VIB Rouge Spring Social - We went, We saw, We shopped :)

So yesterday my husband and I ventured to Sephora on Bloor for the VIB Rouge Spring Social event. I just wanted to see what it was all about, pick up a couple of essentials, save 15% off everything, and score a little gift in the process.

The event took place from 9-11am for those who registered. It seems spaces are limited. We arrived at around 10am and the place was hive busy. Still plenty of Starbucks muffins and coffee to go around. As for shopping, it felt a bit like a treat to be there during the off hours, but that's about it. Otherwise it's just another Sephora visit... which means shopping :)

The essentials we walked out with:

For Him:
The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Oil and Shaving Cream - Discovered on our trip to Vegas. He hasn't shaved with anything else since. However his preference is the Lemon scented set, which Sephora doesn't carry... so second runner up the unscented duo.

Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk - His cheeks are dry... his skin needs hydration. But every single time we visited to Sephora the SA's would give him mattifying samples for oily skin types. It drove me nuts... in the end I chose what I felt would be good for him... I love this brand, love the packaging... and I think he will too.

For Me:
Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara - I need a new one starting Apr 1st. I was going for something by Lancome, but then the two little treats included in this set swayed me into trying EL for the first time.

Murad Essential-C Toner - Running low on my current choice. Needed a replacement and wanted to try something new.

Sephora Collection Classic Precision Liner Brush #92 - I just feel I need this tiny brush in my life.

In addition to the above, we received a pretty little makeup bag and a smorgasbord of samples.

It was fun, if a little bit early to trek up to Bloor on Sunday :) But we'll probably do it again if an event of this type comes around.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Going to VIB Rouge Spring Social

Total randomness because I don’t have the time to pull a proper post together, yet have a strange compulsion to have one go up at least twice per week.

And while this totally lacks in content and substance it is still beauty related :) I received an invite from Sephora (as pictured) last week in my inbox. Since graduating to the VIB Rouge status I have yet to attend an event of this type. This time tough, as I need to restock on a couple of essentials (ie. toner, eye cream), I went ahead and registered. I also registered my husband as my +1 since he’s on a hunt for a moisturizer.

I was rsvp'ing the same night I received this invite, and one location was already over capacity. So it seems their "don't wait" warning
is well founded, at least in Toronto. Thankfully there are 3 Sephoras within reasonable travelling distance, so I just booked at my 2nd choice.

I’m most excited about “15% off everything”… making sure I have a list, and then some common sense :)

Who knows, maybe there’ll be a follow up post :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lush: Star Light, Star Bright Bath Melt,-Star-Bright
This post might be a bit unfair, as I'm about to talk about a product that is no longer available for purchase (if this ramble were to inspire you to give it a try yourself)... I apologize. It's just taken me that long to get around to it... and I wasn't going to talk about it, then decided to throw my two cents in out into the blogosphere.

The focus of the post today is Star Light, Star Bright bath melt from Lush 2013 holiday release. It is possible that this product will re-appear again this Holiday season... but gosh let's get above sub-zero first before talking about winter again :)

So first things first, this is a bath melt. There are no bubbles with this stuff, this is meant to condition, and moisturize your skin. Crumble it under running water, let it melt and enjoy.

The center of this bath melt underneath all that silver is bright blue, and when it all melts, your bathwater turns a lovely light creamy blue with silver sparkles that cling to the side our your tub like crazy. My water felt borderline oily... something that I didn't find unpleasant, as I love greasy body lotions; and that's what it felt I was soaking in. The water felt heavy and thick...

When I stepped out of my tub, after rinsing out the hair mask that I was using, my body was so well oiled up that I didn't have to, and didn't use my boy lotion... I must also say that I was covered in silver shimmer (except for my face and hair). I used this for a Sunday morning soak... but should have saved it for Friday or Saturday night :)

As for the tub... and here comes the drag... it was oily and ringed with silver-gray-bluish gunk.  Past Lush products that I've used were easily rinsed out with water, not so this stuff... it required gloves, sponge, cleaner, and getting down on my knees to work this stuff free and have a clean tub once again.  Way too much work after a long relaxing soak  ...  after which I want to lounge some more, not get down and have to scrub my tub.

So I loved the zesty ginger-lime scent of this. I also loved the greasy feel my water had. And strangely I kind of liked the disco ball shimmer from shoulder to toe. But I hated the clean up after. At this moment I'm saying to myself this is not worth a repurchase... but come December I might have forgotten all about the tub hassle this caused and give in to the scent one more time. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Sandglow

At the end of January I splurged on a caviar stick from Laura Mercier. I've heard and read so many great reviews about these pencils that I figured I'll give one a try as well.
After swatching the whole lineup at Holt Renfrew I settled for Sand Glow. It might have been the gold undertone of this color that swayed me... as I was and still am in love with any gold type shadow. Packaging is simple and practical, an easy twist up tube for no fuss application.
I think the caviar sticks should be renamed cashmere, or at least Sand Glow should, because it is the only one I own and can speak for. This product is incredibly and I mean incredibly soft. I can't find the words to describe how this feels as I smooth it onto my lids... I see the color, but I can't feel the product.. it is weightless.
And not only is Sand Glow a gorgeous shimmery bronze... it blends extremely easily and extremely well. I suppose that is to be expected from pencils marketed for smokey eye looks. :)
I tend to wear this all over my lid, on its own. Once I get the coverage I want, I blend out the edges with a blending brush. However occasionally, I'll swirl my finger in Bobbi Brown's Sunlight and gently tap it on top of Sun Glow... and I love the fine gold sparkle it adds... as seen below... on the left with BB's Sunlight, on the right without.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Project Make a Dent #1

So this little thing has been happening on the blogosphere. I learned of it from Rocaille late Jan, and vowed to myself to participate. But I'm a bit of a procrastinator, and it took me 2 months to get my stuff together. 

The idea is to use up some of the makeup in your collection. I find it easy to use up skincare products, but when it comes to makeup, the collection tends to grow, with very few empties to ever make the monthly empties video. So below my select few that I hope will join the empties pile... lets say by the end of the year???
1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Ex-Press - I've had this for over 3.5 years... wow... My first brow shaping and shading product (I don't think this set is made anymore). I've used up the wax, and highlighter eons ago, but the shadows are another story. As they are nicely pigmented, I don't need a lot to fill in my brows. My goal is to completely use up the dark shade... I barely use the lighter shade, and will not keep this around once 3 out of the 4 pans are empty.

2. Laura Mercier Secret Concealer #1 - I purchased this and used it for a little while. Then I found something better and forgot all about it. It's time I used it up.

3. Laura Mercier Smooth Focus Pressed Setting Powder - Shine Control - I purchased this because I felt I needed to have it. But I've used it so infrequently, that I never even reviewed it.
4. Pür Minerals Complexion Pür-fection Correcting Primer - I used up half a bottle, before I moved onto something else... so it's a product that I like. But I feel like I have one to many primers, and it's time I dwindled that collection down.

5. Shiseido Eye Shadow Quad in Rose Tones Q11 - I actually love this quad. As you can see I hit 3 out of the 4 shade pans. The shadows are soft, nicely pigmented, and blend easily. Spring is almost upon us, this is coming out of the drawer.

6. NARS Orgasm Blush - Sometimes I feel I'm the only one, but I seriously don't like this blush... the name or the color. I purchased this years ago, and only recently finally hit pan... see the spot in the pic :) This is not returning to the collection, it's staying out, and I'll make the best effort to use it religiously and be done with it. This is the really challenging item in my project, as I don't like it. But at the same time I can't bring myself to toss it. This was the first high end blush I ever bought... it cost me some serious $$ at a time when I really couldn't afford it, and shouldn't have splurged.... so I feel I must pay the dues of impulse purchase.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Dermalogica Daily Microfilant

I don't tend to gravitate towards Dermalogica.  I don't know, the price point is one deterrent, but more importantly I just don't see much that I want to try. That is until my husband brought a deluxe sample of Daily Microfoliant. I used it religiously every single morning, and decided that I do need a gentle daily exfoliator in my routine.  But even then I wanted the one from Tatcha, however since that brand is not available in TO, and shipping charges are prohibitive, I purchased the one that spurred the need in the first place.

From Dermalogica website:
"Our number one exfoliant! Gentle, Rice-based exfoliating powder activates upon contact with water, releasing Papain, Salicylic Acid and Rice Enzymes that micro-exfoliate dead cells, instantly leaving skin smoother and brighter. Formulated without artificial fragrances and colors."

I use this in the morning, after a gentle first cleanse with Nude. Daily Microfoliant is fine white powder... tap some out into wet hands, emulsify, and gently work over the skin. Then rinse.  It does leave my skin feeling very clean, and smooth. The scent is barely there, and quite pleasant.

Now, I've read reviews of others who state that even though this is called "daily" to use it only 1-3 times per week. I however have been using this everyday, and haven't noticed any negative side effects: no dryness, no redness, no aggrevation. Sensitivity varies from person to person, only you can be an accurate judge of how frequently you can exfoliate.

I for one seem to have rhino tick epidermis, and I've been enjoying this Dermalogica product. However when the time comes to repurchase, I'll be hoping Tatcha will be available, without the crippling shipping fees.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Nude Purify Cleansing Wash

To date this was my first and only Nude purchase. There might possibly be more in the future.

I bought this for my morning shower. To gently cleanse and wake up my skin. The marketing description on convinced me to give it a try. Key points that swayed me:
- meant to control breakouts and balance oily and combination skin
- contains cinnamon, ginger, and burnet root
- does not contain a whole bunch of bad stuff (ie. sulfates, parabens, GMOs etc)
- vegan
- gluten free
- 100% natural fragrance
- allergen-free

I like the consistency, it's semi-opaque with tiny white beads suspended throughout. I suppose the beads are meant to exfoliate, but there are not enough of them, and they melt really quickly. So I don't think there is much of a resurfacing effect. The cleanser feels gentle but effective... and really is a pleasure to use first thing in the morning.... except....

The 100% natural fragrance is not my favorite. Personally I can only describe it as "plastic vanilla cookie"... doesn't really smell very natural. The first few weeks, it was a bit off-putting... now after several weeks of using it, I'm still not a fan, but also no longer weirded out by it.

After I use this up, I'm moving onto something better scented. But I think eventually I might come back to Nude, it got my face clean without any negative side effects: no dryness, no breakouts... So one thumb up :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Love - Maybelline Line Stiletto Ultimate Precision Liquid Eyeliner

I made this purchase out of necessity. One day I suddenly ran out of my Tarte liquid eyeliner (let me tell you that was one interesting morning, one eye done, and nothing left in the pen for the other)... The abruptness of finishing a product left me a bit high and dry because I did not do any research into possible next purchase... I didn't want to spend money on just anything, so I decided to go bargain shopping.

At that time I was also heading to Cuba, so I thought if it doesn't work no loss. At SDM I settled for Stiletto by Maybelline, since the name led me to believe I would be able to draw a very fine line. Packaging pictured below... I already broke into it before I realized I need to photograph it :)
 I thought it was going to be a pen, but it's not. The tip is felt not brush, and it works. I am surprised at how quickly I made the transition from one to the other. I like the shorter version, easier to handle, easier to maneuver. I haven't purchased a felt tip eyeliner in the past, but I should have.
This eyeliner is fantastic. It deposits color evenly, it doesn't glop up, the shade is a perfect black, it doesn't smudge, and it lasts all day.
Not only is all that fantastic for $6 that I paid for it... but another fine point is that this eyeliner doesn't spread. I think you know what I mean... applying a wet line on your arm or lid can lead to color spread into the fine nooks and grooves of your skin. Not so with this stuff, where you line is where it stays.
So money well spent. I might explore SDM eyeliners some more :)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Laura Mercier Metalic Creme Eye Colour - Copper Sunrise

I saw this shadow at an LM counter and loved it... copper is my color of the moment. I swatched it, I loved it even more... but then I decided to ask for a sample before a splurge... and a very generous SA gave me more than enough to play with. 
This is Copper Sunrise from LM's spring line up. A limited edition release, which makes it all that much more special. I own a couple of other shades of the same formulation: Plantinum and Alloy (which by the way is a cream dupe for Burberry's Rosewood), so I knew the type of quality to expect.
Copper Sunrise is gorgeous. True copper beauty. Can be layered for a very metallic effect or sheered out for a coppery wash of color. I tend to wear is as a wash... maybe a bit heavier than shown on my swatch. Then I place a bit of dark brown in my outer corner blending out towards my crease. Some brown eyeliner, mascara and good to go.
Copper and blue eyes is a very nice match; and I've been making good use of my sample.
So much so, that I decided getting myself one little tube is worth the money.
LM also has a stunning bluish-gray gel eyeliner in this collection called Graphite. Blushing Noir paired both here, for one heck of a gorgeous eye. I wish this eyeliner wasn't  limited edition because I'm just not sure I deserve another treat, and by the time I  do it will be all gone.....