Friday, March 28, 2014

Going to VIB Rouge Spring Social

Total randomness because I don’t have the time to pull a proper post together, yet have a strange compulsion to have one go up at least twice per week.

And while this totally lacks in content and substance it is still beauty related :) I received an invite from Sephora (as pictured) last week in my inbox. Since graduating to the VIB Rouge status I have yet to attend an event of this type. This time tough, as I need to restock on a couple of essentials (ie. toner, eye cream), I went ahead and registered. I also registered my husband as my +1 since he’s on a hunt for a moisturizer.

I was rsvp'ing the same night I received this invite, and one location was already over capacity. So it seems their "don't wait" warning
is well founded, at least in Toronto. Thankfully there are 3 Sephoras within reasonable travelling distance, so I just booked at my 2nd choice.

I’m most excited about “15% off everything”… making sure I have a list, and then some common sense :)

Who knows, maybe there’ll be a follow up post :)

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