Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lush: Star Light, Star Bright Bath Melt

This post might be a bit unfair, as I'm about to talk about a product that is no longer available for purchase (if this ramble were to inspire you to give it a try yourself)... I apologize. It's just taken me that long to get around to it... and I wasn't going to talk about it, then decided to throw my two cents in out into the blogosphere.

The focus of the post today is Star Light, Star Bright bath melt from Lush 2013 holiday release. It is possible that this product will re-appear again this Holiday season... but gosh let's get above sub-zero first before talking about winter again :)

So first things first, this is a bath melt. There are no bubbles with this stuff, this is meant to condition, and moisturize your skin. Crumble it under running water, let it melt and enjoy.

The center of this bath melt underneath all that silver is bright blue, and when it all melts, your bathwater turns a lovely light creamy blue with silver sparkles that cling to the side our your tub like crazy. My water felt borderline oily... something that I didn't find unpleasant, as I love greasy body lotions; and that's what it felt I was soaking in. The water felt heavy and thick...

When I stepped out of my tub, after rinsing out the hair mask that I was using, my body was so well oiled up that I didn't have to, and didn't use my boy lotion... I must also say that I was covered in silver shimmer (except for my face and hair). I used this for a Sunday morning soak... but should have saved it for Friday or Saturday night :)

As for the tub... and here comes the drag... it was oily and ringed with silver-gray-bluish gunk.  Past Lush products that I've used were easily rinsed out with water, not so this stuff... it required gloves, sponge, cleaner, and getting down on my knees to work this stuff free and have a clean tub once again.  Way too much work after a long relaxing soak  ...  after which I want to lounge some more, not get down and have to scrub my tub.

So I loved the zesty ginger-lime scent of this. I also loved the greasy feel my water had. And strangely I kind of liked the disco ball shimmer from shoulder to toe. But I hated the clean up after. At this moment I'm saying to myself this is not worth a repurchase... but come December I might have forgotten all about the tub hassle this caused and give in to the scent one more time. 

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