Friday, April 25, 2014

Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara in Extreme Black

My first EL mascara. Purchased during a special event at Sephora for 15% off.  I love a sale.

Some label EL packaging as "old lady" like... well either I'm an old lady or they're wrong, because I love their sleek gold packaging and elaborately cursive initials. I think it's sophisticated, a bit lux, and very feminine :)
When I first laid my eyes on it, the brush looked ordinary. A bit conned shaped, but nothing unusual. That is until I brought it near my eye, and thought to myself "wow... that's a big brush". It seriously is longer than what I feel is normal. Sadly I only use one mascara at a time, so I can't compare brush sizes for you. But trust me, this is unusually big brush, and Sephora confirms it, by using the "oversized Brushcomber Extreme™" phrase on their site.
Now here is what the EL promises:
"Lashes seem to multiply, magnify, and grow to extremes with the application of this innovative formula. A trio of high-volume fibers creates audacious, false-lash effects while an advanced vitamin complex conditions. Lustrous color leaves eyes looking brighter, wider, and more seductive than ever. "

Now, I don't feel I've achieved the false-lash effect (2 good coats in my pics), but I do like this mascara a whole lot. It coats the lashes evenly and smoothly, it does a very nice in keeping them mostly separated, it doesn't clump up... and throughout the day it doesn't smudge, budge, or crumble.  The consistency of it is also nice, not too dry, and not too wet... just perfect.
I'd purchase this over BTS any day :) It just fits my needs, expectations, preferences, and wants better.
Thanks for reading :)

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