Friday, May 23, 2014

Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eye Shadow - Silver Lilac #26

I bought the gold one (Sunlight) and talked about it here. Whenever I find myself putting on complementary warm shadows, more often than not I can’t help but press a bit of this into my lids. Of course being very light handed for daywear….

But lately I’ve been wearing a lot of pink/purple… specifically making one heck of an effort to use up this palette; and I just felt like some shimmer to brighten things up, but Sunlight just wasn’t doing it for me.
So in not so recent past, while at Holts I spot the rest of the shimmery shadows. I wander over, swatch and tadaaaaa I found the perfect shimmer to layer over my shadows.
Quality, sparkle, awesomeness of Silver Lilac is just as fantastic as Sunlight. Swatches below are of the same shade, a lot bit packed on on the left, and trying to be settle on the right. Camera doesn't to this product any justice... it comes through as flat and one dimensional... so I suggest if you like a touch (or tons) of glitter in your life go and stick your fingers into some Bobbi Brown sparkle shadow :)

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