Friday, May 2, 2014

NARS Long-Wear Eyeliner in Khao San Road

So you know how you read here, how much I want it, but also my realization that I don’t really need it. Well I confess that I lied in writing. Because about 11 days after that post went up, I was walking around Sephora with it in my basket, trying to remember all the reasons on why I shouldn’t buy it. 

 I am weak, I retract any statement that I might have previously made that implies the opposite. When I found myself at the NARS display, my intention was only to swatch it, to confirm that yes this is something I can pass up on, but one smooth, creamy, bright metallic blue line later, and it was over; pencil won.
This is my first NARS eyeliner, and I’m just going to come out now and say Via Venetto will join my collection soonish :)
It has one of those cute built in sharpeners, that I rarely use. I find the thickness of a well rounded nib suits my eye very well. I really only pull out the sharpener if I haven't worn the pencil in a while, and want to expose fresh product.
  “Long-wear” claim is so true. I use this pencil to line my lower lashline (not waterline), and it doesn’t budge, it doesn’t fade, it doesn’t smudge.  On top of that it’s just so freaking beautiful; love this blue.
 Insert in the box, gives written and pictorial directions on how to use the builtin sharpener. It’s cute, but not sure if completely necessary.

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