Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Regret - Perricone MD Photo Plasma

OHHHH I had such high hopes for this. I did my research, I read and listened to rave reviews, I put it off, but eventually I bought it... and after about a week regretted my purchase. As I mentioned in my April empties, I'm not a returner... so this has become my neck and decollate moisturizer, although it does an ok job at best... Honestly I'm just not getting along with Photo Plasma.
I bought it mainly after reading this description on the side of the box... key terms highlighted:

"This luxurious oil-free moisturizer cream creates an invisible shield against environmental aggressors and guards against UVA and UVB damage. Extremely lightweight in texture, it glides on skin smoothly and evenly, leaving it soft, hydrated and radiant. Formulated with powerful anti-aging benefits and mineral sunscreens, it derives its natural color from antioxidant-rich, Astaxanthin. No tackiness or heaviness, it is the ultimate moisturizer with SPF."

Now tell me you don't think this would be fabulous...
Lots of packaging....
I really like the airy texture, and didn't mind the scent that was light but a bit chemical...
However this $90 cream, despite its claims of lightness did not work with my face. It felt heavy and tacky... and after about an hour my face was an oily mess. You could practically see your reflection in my skin. I couldn't blot often enough. One good thing, it didn't break me out... but I couldn't suffer another oily day, and moved on. I'm sad...


  1. Thanks for an interesting review. Ouch to the price and sad that it didn't turn out to be so good x

    1. I know... I thought this was going to be my HG moisturizer too :(