Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain - Cannes Crush (025), Rio Rush (020)

Revlon is not a brand I spend my money on... their lip butters that were all the rage when they hit the shelves held no interest for me, because... I am not a makeup artist (not even part-time, not even for family). I am not a career beauty blogger, all the stuff that goes up here and on youtube is just for personal enjoyment, not with $ expectation. All the makeup I buy and talk about is for my face and my face only... I can only slap on so much product each day, and so I choose to slap on the higher-end brands. This limits the amount of stuff I buy, but I'd rather have less and enjoy the luxury, rather than a closet full of stuff I never touch.  (Even-though when the luxury doesn't work out, it hurts that much more :))

So I must point out that neither mine nor my husband's money was spent on this. These were freebies that made it into my hands from someone who attended an event were these handed out. I know I'm a bit of a hypocrite, I won't spend my money on it, but I won't say no to free :)

Still I know many would choose Revlon over any other brand. In some places Revlon is just as coveted as Chanel... it's all about personal preference.  Therefore I've decided to share swatches of the moisture stain lip products... I have two: Cannes Crush an orange-coral, and Rio Rush - a bright pink.
The applicator is a kind of weirdly shaped shovel with a tip... I don't like it. A classic doe-foot would serve me better.
The colors are lovely swatched. Richly pigmented and smooth. I'm more drawn towards the pink shade than the coral... I might pass the coral one to my sister if she'd like it, as she mentioned her desire for an "orange" lip color for the summer. This might fit the bill.
I've layered Rio Rush over other lip products for a bright punch of pink and worn it on its own. I liked the color payoff, not so much the texture of this stuff. It feels kind of thick, and heavy... and after 30min my lips are in need of something... they do not feel moisturized.
Not only is the texture a bit off-putting to me, but the plasticky scent doesn't win any points either. I just don't enjoy painting my lips with this... I think if my sister wants she can have the pink one as well... I just don't want to wear it again.

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  1. It's a pity you didn't enjoy the texture and scent because the shades look stunning! So vibrant and pigmented. These haven't been released here but I'll definitely be checking them out when they are.