Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spring Nail Polish Picks: Bobbi Brown, Deborah Lippmann, Dior

Well, at this time we're actually closer to calendar summer than spring... but hey, in Toronto, it's only been sunny and warm for like 2 weeks... so spring :)

Purchased during the same trip to HR as mentioned in this post.

I don’t know… I felt as if it has been forever since I bought a nail polish. It has been forever since I wore some. (Hoping I haven’t just jinxed myself by writing that sentence down). But over the past few months I’ve been diligent in my nail maintenance, less diligent with taking my vitamins (but committed to be on track starting this week); and  nail things are looking up… and so with the sweet promise of nail polish fumes soon to be in the air, I treated myself.

First, La vie en Rose by Deborah Lippmann. By the time I decided I wanted this in my collection it was already sold out at Sephora. Good old HR sill had it in stock. This barely there pink with shimmer is irresistible.
Second, Golden Beige from Bobbi Brown. The name says it all. I love this colour, one swipe of this perfect shimmery gold shade on my imperfect thumb and I knew I wanted it.
Third and fourth… ahhh Dior. I only wanted Sailor (what a perfect blue), but then I swatched Yacht as well, and the rest is history. But Dior didn’t offer just the polish which is really the only thing I wanted, but a whole kit. I couldn’t decide, so I bought them both. Both include the polish of choice, a nail file, and nail appliqués in matching shade.
I longingly glanced in the direction of the Chanel counter, but did not approach. Monthly polish budget has been exhausted :)

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