Sunday, June 29, 2014

Bobbi Brown Golden Beige - nail polish swatch

I finally, finally, felt safe with and confident enough in the strength of my nails to paint them. I looked back and my last nail post was over a year ago…. ughhhh time seems to fly.

Since I’m seriously out of nail painting practice (not that I was any good at it in the past), I chose a light shaky-hand forgiving colour.

Mani products in order of use:
Essie First Base - base coat (1 coat)
Bobbi Brown - Golden Beige (2 coats)
Deborah Lippmann On A Clear Day - top coat (1 coat)
Zoya Hurry Up - drying drops (10 drops - one on each nail)
I love this BB shade. There is not other way to describe it but as golden beige. It’s creamy and smooth with a lovely gold shimmer. I think 3 coats would give me total opacity, but I was satisfied with the look at 2. It applied evenly and smoothly... and I'm sure if it hasn't been a year since my last  nail polish application, the 2 coats would have been more even. Still, I'm happy with the results, quality, and this shade.
 After a couple of days tip wear started to show. (The nail posts that I see, where the blogger claims 5-10 days of wear without a chip, seem unreal to me. I don't know how it's possible :)) So I decided to extend it with some OPI Black Shatter. I'm sure the shatter phase is over, but I'm still on that band wagon... even if it's all by my lonesome :)
Here's to hopping that nails are on the healthy track, and many more nail posts :)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Inglot - M3 Pearl 570

My parents visited Poland for 3 weeks in May. I gave my mom some money and told her to bring me some makeup :) She came back with nail-polish (she knows me well), and this beautiful shadow trio. 

I don't own any Inglot and I haven't come upon any stores selling it in Toronto. So I am very happy to have this in my stash. Even more so that the trio is my current fave color.
I don't know... for me there is just something about reading descriptions in my language :)
Gorgeous! Love this packaging.
I wasn't sure what to expect from the shadows. But they feel like quality. Creamy and pigmented, I feel the word "rich" is accurate to describe texture and color payoff.
It will be a blue, blue, summer for moi :)
I think I'll keep my eyes open for Inglot in the future.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Love - Urban Decay The Mother Lode

First things first. This was a gift. I could never justify this many shadows at once (unless I win the lottery... then there is no limit). A most wonderful gift from a most wonderfully generous man named Tibor; who upon seeing my husband one fine day last week asked him "Is your wife still into the makeup?" ... and like you need to guess what Jay answered :)

When I got home and saw this on our ottoman, I kept gasping "OH MY GOD!!!" over and over.... I just couldn't get over the size and generosity of this ginormous palette, aptly named The Mother Lode... and it is, a rainbow mother lode...
Once I slipped the sleeve off and lifted the lid, I was greeted with 68 full sized shadows and a palette quad in the center for customized combinations... in case I get overwhelmed with all the choices, I can narrow it down to just four :)

On the back of the sleeve the list of all the shades. Love some of the names like: "Polyester Bride", "Evidence", "Midnight Cowboy" :)
In the coming days (weeks), I will swatch and share this gold mine. I think I will post 3-4 swatches at a time, based on some kind of color grouping... I have yet to pop one of the shadows open. Currently I just keep staring at this gift... wondering how lucky am I that my husband has such great friends :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Regret - Natural Tech Replumping Shampoo and Well-Being Conditioner

This purchase is a regret. I am not a fan, and I will not repurchase, and therefore regret spending $64 on this duo in the first place… yup that’s not a typo, that’s actually how much I paid to rinse these products out of my hair… no including taxes… The thing is if I loved these product, I would probably feel justified paying that much… sigh…

So let’s break this down. The packaging is nothing fantastic, or special. Plastic, with simple design.
I liked that these products are eco friendly, but that’s about it.

I completely dislike the scent of the shampoo. I can’t get used to it. When I took a whiff from the bottle at the salon, my nose was deceived. Upon my first shampoo at home while lathering my hair, my senses were assaulted by a horrible cologne-like fragrance. I don’t like it… gosh I don’t like it. It does it's job, but that scent is not my game.

On the other hand, love the scent of the conditioner. So delicious. But the texture is just not creamy enough for me, and I just don’t feel it adds anything special to my hair.

So if you’ve tried this brand and loved it. I understand. Many a time I found myself disliking or liking a product while others felt the opposite. Reviews and opinions are out there and while they help the decision making process, they are not gospel. Take mine as you will.

I just wanted to put it out there, that I’ve tried these products, did not love them, but will use them up (hello the price!!!)... hair is left clean but it's not $64 clean :)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Amber Pendant Necklace

I think it’s a European thing… maybe only a Polish thing, or maybe only a Lucy thing, but I have a soft spot for all things Amber. I have acquired a few pieces over they years, and at the beginning of June one more item joined my collection.
This was a gift all the way from Poland, brought back home to Canada by my parents. This pendant is the biggest single piece of amber I own, and I can become mesmerized just starring at it.
So gorgeous...
Thank you Mom & Dad :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Regret - Caudalie Divine Scrub

I dislike this… I dislike this so much.

Before I go any further I need to put a little disclaimer. I dislike this product specifically, not Caudalie as a brand. Caudalie has products that I adore like this one (and my current day moisturizer which I adore, but haven't done a post on yet)… but this scrub just isn’t one of them. It’s a constant reminder that eventhough you might find gems within a brand, not all products will be your cup of tea… case in point.

I bought this because my stash has run dry, and I have finally run out of my fave body scrub. Since it’s not on Sephora shelves or in Sephora stores, I had to go out there and find something new. I purchased Caudalie’s ….. because overall I enjoy this brand.
Well after first use, I knew this scrub and I weren’t meant to be. First it’s not grainy enough. I like my scrubs on the abrasive side. This is very gentle and very creamy. I feel like I’m moisturizing rather than exfoliating before my shower. I use this daily, yet do not feel like I’m sloughing anything off; and I actually don’t believe I am if the trapped hairs on my legs are anything to go by.
Second, I can’t stand the scent. I have to reiterate (if you haven’t read any of my past posts), that I don’t mind fragrance or scent in my products… but it has to be an appealing scent to my senses. This is not it. It’s very strong, and very sharp, and it gives me a sinus headache. Even after 2.5 weeks of daily use, I’m not accustomed to it.
As I’ve said in the past, I am not a returner… if I was, this scrub would have never touched my body a second time. As I’m not, I try to hold my breath, and use this up as soon as I can. The tub isn’t big (150g), I’m hoping 2-3 weeks more and I’ll be done.

I’ve already chosen the next scrub I wish to try. I just haven’t made the purchase, because if I do, I will never use up this one… and I just don’t want to make eye contact with my regrets.

This is my honest opinion, I accept that yours might differ.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Diptyque Candles - a treat

First things first, the products shown below were gifted to us (my husband and myself)… just want to put that out there. Although if my budget allowed it, I would fill my house with Diptyque and Jo Malone candles :)
They smell incredible... Amber is warm, Cypres is fresh and green... and Orange Chai is sweet but not sugary... all simply irresistible.

For now I will enjoy these gorgeous candles while they last.  Putting orange chai out of sight, so that I may savor it in December :)

Thank you Louise for this very generous treat.

Friday, June 13, 2014

IT Cosmetics Liner Love in Silk Taupe

When IT Cosmetics came back for another appearance on the TSC, I couldn’t resist their CC+ Lip Serums, and I just had to add another gel eyeliner to my collection.

My original acquisition was Graphite, it came in a set with a double ended brush. Love the gel liner, love-hate the brush. Each end on it’s own is great, but double-sided brushes are my pet peeve. I like to store my brushes in a jar, this is impossible without damaging one end; and so after a few uses, this brush is now back in it’s original packaging. I guess I have more hate for it than love. I contemplated cutting it in half :) But before that compulsion overcame me, I replaced it with an absolute gem from Sephora (pointed eyeliner #92). It is the perfect eyeliner brush for me.

But back to the product. Silk Taupe has been on my mind since my Graphite purchase. I just had to get it out of my head and into my hands and onto my eyes.
Packaging is very nice and sturdy. Sizable thick glass contains 3.5g (0.12oz) of product.
The lid is specially designed for a complete seal, so the contents do not dry out… like ever. It sort of has a rubberized centre. I must say Graphite is as soft and creamy as the day I got it (and I use it daily), therefore this seemingly unimpressive design actually works.
Silk Taupe is an absolute stunner. Texture is as fabulous as Graphite, but the colour is what draws me in. A beautiful suede with multi-dimensional shimmer. The particles are tiny, the product retains its smoothness. I feel absolutely no grit or unevenness when applying this.
Since it arrived in my mail, on daily basis deepening on the shadows I use, I either finish my eye with a line of Graphite or Silk Taupe.
If you love gel eyeliner, or wish to try a gel eyeliner., this one will be hard to beat. Texture is fabulous, colour payoff is intense, and longevity… well water alone will not make this budge.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Obsessed - IT Cosmetics CC+ Lip Serum in Love, Live, Laugh

The Shopping Chanel was featuring IT Cosmetics during the last weekend of May. I stayed up, until 10:45pm (but I must confessed I passed out from 10:10 to 10:42)… I’m a baby,  this body wasn’t meant to be a night owl. I missed the set I wanted to see Jamie talking about and swatching, but that didn’t stop me from buying it.

This time around I passed on the Showstopper, and instead treated myself to some lip serum and another gel eyeliner (I’ll show it to you soon). The lip serums came in a set of 3, and so I ended up with a duplicate. I originally talked about Love here, and knew if more shades become available I will be acquiring them. My second tube of Love will be gifted to someone. In the swatches below I’m using my original one.
The set includes Live, Love, Laugh (got to appreciate the naming convention). The serums are beautiful, in colour and texture. Weightless, non-sticky, non-tacky, moisturizing, conditioning, very lightly yet deliciously scented. These can be worn 24/7. Yup, it’s so good, and such a good-for-your-kisser product, that you can sleep with it on. I’ve applied gloss to bed many a night, so I was pleased to learn this from Jamie.
The lip serum contains anti-aging ingredients that promise to keep my lips soft and hydrated, such as "Collagen, Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, plus 9 essential butters and oils". But really all I care about is the colour and the feel. On both counts this products delivers.  I’m thinking I’ll be a cc lip serum addict for long time to come.
- Love is the original shade and has a nice color punch. Claims to be the perfect shade of "your-lips-but-better".
- Laugh is the lightest shade. The one I thought I would love the least, but somehow reach for the most. It's the shade I can't resist applying just before bed. If you really love the color of your lips and want hydration, sheen, and comfort, Laugh is the perfect shade. It has the least pigment and the least color payoff.
- Live is the most fun. It's my perfect summer pink.
No difference in texture, scent, or flavor between the three. These feel great, wear great, and look great. I'm obsessed, addicted, and very happy with my purchase :)

The applicator is has a little dip in the center reminiscent of YSL's Gloss Volupte... easy even application every time.
Love these... I'm hooked and I and highly recommend them to anyone.