Friday, June 13, 2014

IT Cosmetics Liner Love in Silk Taupe

When IT Cosmetics came back for another appearance on the TSC, I couldn’t resist their CC+ Lip Serums, and I just had to add another gel eyeliner to my collection.

My original acquisition was Graphite, it came in a set with a double ended brush. Love the gel liner, love-hate the brush. Each end on it’s own is great, but double-sided brushes are my pet peeve. I like to store my brushes in a jar, this is impossible without damaging one end; and so after a few uses, this brush is now back in it’s original packaging. I guess I have more hate for it than love. I contemplated cutting it in half :) But before that compulsion overcame me, I replaced it with an absolute gem from Sephora (pointed eyeliner #92). It is the perfect eyeliner brush for me.

But back to the product. Silk Taupe has been on my mind since my Graphite purchase. I just had to get it out of my head and into my hands and onto my eyes.
Packaging is very nice and sturdy. Sizable thick glass contains 3.5g (0.12oz) of product.
The lid is specially designed for a complete seal, so the contents do not dry out… like ever. It sort of has a rubberized centre. I must say Graphite is as soft and creamy as the day I got it (and I use it daily), therefore this seemingly unimpressive design actually works.
Silk Taupe is an absolute stunner. Texture is as fabulous as Graphite, but the colour is what draws me in. A beautiful suede with multi-dimensional shimmer. The particles are tiny, the product retains its smoothness. I feel absolutely no grit or unevenness when applying this.
Since it arrived in my mail, on daily basis deepening on the shadows I use, I either finish my eye with a line of Graphite or Silk Taupe.
If you love gel eyeliner, or wish to try a gel eyeliner., this one will be hard to beat. Texture is fabulous, colour payoff is intense, and longevity… well water alone will not make this budge.

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