Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Love - Urban Decay The Mother Lode

First things first. This was a gift. I could never justify this many shadows at once (unless I win the lottery... then there is no limit). A most wonderful gift from a most wonderfully generous man named Tibor; who upon seeing my husband one fine day last week asked him "Is your wife still into the makeup?" ... and like you need to guess what Jay answered :)

When I got home and saw this on our ottoman, I kept gasping "OH MY GOD!!!" over and over.... I just couldn't get over the size and generosity of this ginormous palette, aptly named The Mother Lode... and it is, a rainbow mother lode...
Once I slipped the sleeve off and lifted the lid, I was greeted with 68 full sized shadows and a palette quad in the center for customized combinations... in case I get overwhelmed with all the choices, I can narrow it down to just four :)

On the back of the sleeve the list of all the shades. Love some of the names like: "Polyester Bride", "Evidence", "Midnight Cowboy" :)
In the coming days (weeks), I will swatch and share this gold mine. I think I will post 3-4 swatches at a time, based on some kind of color grouping... I have yet to pop one of the shadows open. Currently I just keep staring at this gift... wondering how lucky am I that my husband has such great friends :)

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