Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Regret - Caudalie Divine Scrub

I dislike this… I dislike this so much.

Before I go any further I need to put a little disclaimer. I dislike this product specifically, not Caudalie as a brand. Caudalie has products that I adore like this one (and my current day moisturizer which I adore, but haven't done a post on yet)… but this scrub just isn’t one of them. It’s a constant reminder that eventhough you might find gems within a brand, not all products will be your cup of tea… case in point.

I bought this because my stash has run dry, and I have finally run out of my fave body scrub. Since it’s not on Sephora shelves or in Sephora stores, I had to go out there and find something new. I purchased Caudalie’s ….. because overall I enjoy this brand.
Well after first use, I knew this scrub and I weren’t meant to be. First it’s not grainy enough. I like my scrubs on the abrasive side. This is very gentle and very creamy. I feel like I’m moisturizing rather than exfoliating before my shower. I use this daily, yet do not feel like I’m sloughing anything off; and I actually don’t believe I am if the trapped hairs on my legs are anything to go by.
Second, I can’t stand the scent. I have to reiterate (if you haven’t read any of my past posts), that I don’t mind fragrance or scent in my products… but it has to be an appealing scent to my senses. This is not it. It’s very strong, and very sharp, and it gives me a sinus headache. Even after 2.5 weeks of daily use, I’m not accustomed to it.
As I’ve said in the past, I am not a returner… if I was, this scrub would have never touched my body a second time. As I’m not, I try to hold my breath, and use this up as soon as I can. The tub isn’t big (150g), I’m hoping 2-3 weeks more and I’ll be done.

I’ve already chosen the next scrub I wish to try. I just haven’t made the purchase, because if I do, I will never use up this one… and I just don’t want to make eye contact with my regrets.

This is my honest opinion, I accept that yours might differ.

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