Monday, June 23, 2014

Regret - Natural Tech Replumping Shampoo and Well-Being Conditioner

This purchase is a regret. I am not a fan, and I will not repurchase, and therefore regret spending $64 on this duo in the first place… yup that’s not a typo, that’s actually how much I paid to rinse these products out of my hair… no including taxes… The thing is if I loved these product, I would probably feel justified paying that much… sigh…

So let’s break this down. The packaging is nothing fantastic, or special. Plastic, with simple design.
I liked that these products are eco friendly, but that’s about it.

I completely dislike the scent of the shampoo. I can’t get used to it. When I took a whiff from the bottle at the salon, my nose was deceived. Upon my first shampoo at home while lathering my hair, my senses were assaulted by a horrible cologne-like fragrance. I don’t like it… gosh I don’t like it. It does it's job, but that scent is not my game.

On the other hand, love the scent of the conditioner. So delicious. But the texture is just not creamy enough for me, and I just don’t feel it adds anything special to my hair.

So if you’ve tried this brand and loved it. I understand. Many a time I found myself disliking or liking a product while others felt the opposite. Reviews and opinions are out there and while they help the decision making process, they are not gospel. Take mine as you will.

I just wanted to put it out there, that I’ve tried these products, did not love them, but will use them up (hello the price!!!)... hair is left clean but it's not $64 clean :)

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