Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Urban Decay The Mother Lode Swatch VIII - Evidence, Loaded, Cobra, Mushroom

These 4 swatch completely differently than what I expected from the pan...
Evidence - deep navy blue shimmer
Loaded - deep metallic emerald
Cobra - black with gold metallic glitter
Mushroom - warm pale gray shimmer
direct sunlight
natural light

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Goodbye my Friend...

Yesterday my husband and I said goodbye to our bestie of 14 years. We first met her when she was 8 weeks old, and it was love at first sight.

This past February, she was diagnosed with cancer. It was inoperable, and chemo had no effect. We tried to give her a comfortable and pain-free life for as long as we could. I knew this day was coming, but I was still surprised, shocked, and sad when it finally arrived. It happened so fast.

Saturday she was fine, and Sunday started out like any other Sunday. She was up at 5am, had a walk, another walk at 9. But she didn't eat most of her breakfast (and for something so little, she had a healthy appetite). She did gobble up her medication with peanut butter. At 1pm she had hard time standing, but she was napping with a smile on. She had only 3 bites of her dinner, and refused peanut butter. She drank water, and napped. At 11pm (her regular bedtime, when she sleeps soundly until at least 5), she seemed a bit restless. Had a hard settling down. By 1am she could no longer stand on her own, and was refusing water. By 2 am we were at the VEC (Veterinary Emergency Clinic). I was barely holding it together. I knew the sand in her hourglass was running out, and there were no more Tuesday mornings in her future. We took her to VEC for them to give her a strong painkiller, so that she would be comfortable and could rest until we could see our vet (who also knew her for 14 years).

I didn't sleep, all I had were hours left with her. We went to see our vet at 2pm on Monday (she's usually in the office at 5, but she came in early to see us).  We said very, very teary goodbyes... and by 2:40pm Honey moved on to the big comfy couch in the ever-after.

I miss seeing her happy face whenever I walk through the door, I miss her lumberjack snores, I miss the way her paws would smell while she was sleeping, I miss the scent of her head, the feel of her ears, I miss having her touch me to pet her... I miss my 5am alarm clock.
real fur on faux fur :) ... this blanket was her favorite to snore on... almost as soft as she was :)
I knew I was going to be a mess when she passed on... I just didn't expect to be such a mess when she passed on.

I miss her.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Urban Decay The Mother Lode Swatch VII - Toasted, Sin, Midnight Rodeo, Scratch

I continue to swatch :)
Toasted - shimmery antique copper penny
Sin - champagne shimmer
Midnight Rodeo - taupe shimmer with silver glitter (love the taupe shimmer, but could do without the silver glitter... this shadow has a bit of a gritty feel)
Scratch - rose gold shimmer
direct sunlight
natural light

Saturday, July 26, 2014

So is it Carpe Diem or Dark Blue Grey? :)

After my Wilderness purchase and swatch, I logged onto the SpaRitual website for a browse. I think I might place an order once I start running low on  my hand serum. That order will most likely include a polish or two... how can it not??? But before that day comes... here is a little mistake I stumbled upon. I loved the pictorial swatch, then read the text description... hmmmmmm :)
Update: I won't be placing an online order with this site, because they don't ship to Canada.... I'm feeling deflated.... :)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Urban Decay The Mother Lode Swatch VI - ABC Gum, Freelove, Sellout

ABC Gum - pale peach matte (you can barely see it, on my skin tone)
Freelove - golden vibrant peach shimmer (this one could definitely double as a blush in a pinch)
Sellout - pink champagne shimmer
natural light - direct light
natural light
natural light

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Urban Decay The Mother Lode Swatch V - Tease, Roach, Stray Dog, Chopper

Tease - creamy pale matte brown
Roach - deep burgundy metallic brown
Stray Dog - cool metallic ash brown
Chopper - copper shimmer with silver micro-glitter
natural light
natural light - direct sunlight 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Spa Ritual - Wilderness (80445) - nail polish swatch

When I spotted Wilderness at Murale I had to have it. There was just something about this polish that called out to me. This is a textured polish (I found out upon application), so it has a interesting finish that might drive some crazy, but I like it. Maybe one shouldn't apply a topcoat over textured polish, but I did anyways, the texture still comes through.

Mani products in order of use:
Essie First Base - base coat (1 coat)
SpaRitual - Wilderness - color (2 coats)
Nicole by OPI - Honey-Dew You Love Me? - two hearts on my ring finger... so pretty, but trying to fish those hearts out can be a bit of a biatch....
Deborah Lippmann - On a Clear Day - topcoat (1 coat)
Zoya Hurry Up - drying drops - 10 drops (1 on each nail)
Gorgeous peach-pink base with gold glitter... summer in a bottle. Somehow I don't feel Wilderness is the right name for this polish but then I'm not privy to the colour naming conventions at SpaRitual.
This a vegan brand that has one of the best nail polish selections. It can be tough to capture a very sparkly polish... but I loved this, it made my nails look like jewels; and I like the bumpy finish as well.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Urban Decay The Mother Lode Swatch IV - Twice Baked, Secret Service, Suspect

In love with all three.
Twice Baked - rich brown satin with gold micro-glitter
Secret Service - soft cool matte brown
Suspect - pale golden beige shimmer
natural light
direct sunlight

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Urban Decay The Mother Lode Swatch III - Lost, Snakebite, Smog

Mother Lode continues, with 3 more beauties.
Lost - medium metallic brown
Snakebite - dark bronze
Smog - deep coppery bronze (I feel this shade is totally misnamed... but no less beautiful)
natural light
direct sunlight

Monday, July 14, 2014

Celebrating 16 years - Evil Eye Bracelet from Links of London

My husband celebrates an anniversary with regards to the two of us that I don't. It falls on July 9th. Don't let your mind go to the gutter, the anniversary is rather sweet. Our first kiss took place on July 9th 16 years ago... holy crap! we have history...
 We had a lovely meal at the end of which he presented me with this little trinket. I must say that I've been shopping for an evil eye bracelet for about 2 years now. I was really persistent in finding something early on, but then the quest became tiring, because everything that I found that I liked was always way out of my budget.
I put my search on the back burner over the last few months... but it seems someone else didn't. This bracelet from Links of London is perfect. It's dainty, sparkly, and my search is finally over.
By the way that is my hairy arm :) I de-fleece a lot of my body, but I absolutely refuse to do my arms. I don't care, this is where I draw the line... and he don't care either :)
 Thank you love.