Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Project Make a Dent #1 - Update #1

In March I joined a theme going around the blogosphere... making a true effort in using up some of this makeup stuff I own. You can take a look a the initial state of the pans here.

After 3 months and some effort on my part, here is the current progress check.
As you can see I'm just mowing through the Shiseido palette. The lightest shade is all gone, and I have serious pan showing on the other 3.

Daily use of Laura Mercier under eye concealer, also has me seeing serious pan. Looks like I'm more than half way through.

Surprisingly, NARS blush is getting dusted on my cheeks daily as well. I layer it over other stuff I own, and one day it will all be gone.

Even with daily use of the Anastasia brow powder, it seems like I haven't gotten very far along in using this up. A testament to the quality product it is. So highly pigmented that I feel as if I have at least another year before I'll part with this.

And sadly since I made the initial post in March, I have yet to touch the Pür Minerals primer or the Laura Mercier powder. But I'm hoping to get to these products soon.

Next update in 3 months. I plan to have at least one empty by then.

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