Sunday, August 31, 2014

Foundation Regret - Tarte Maracuja Miracle Foundation

I can remember the video I filmed months ago and my excitement over acquiring Tarte’s Maracuja foundation at half price.  I should have contained my excitement until I gave it a go.

Reasons I bought it:
- it was half price
- it had ‘miracle’ in the name :) (I thought my skin would be transformed… delusional)
- it read like something my skin would absolutely love

But really the fact that this foundation was on sale should have been a major clue. I mean things that usually go on sale at Sephora are either past their season, or being discontinued. The second one in this case.

Even Tarte doesn’t have this product on their site, and having tried it I understand why.

Below comparison between Tarte’s Amazonian Clay which I have been really liking recently and Maracuja.
A little side note on the Amazonian Clay. I don’t really know which shade I have. The back of my tube says “Light” but on this particular shade does not exist, instead we have: Fair-Light Honey, Light Sand, Light Beige, Light Neutral, Light-Medium Sand, Light-Medium Beige, and Light-Medium Honey. Seems colour range has changed since the day I acquired mine.
And speaking of light, so is Maracuja, except this “Light” is really a light orange, and to me it’s noticeably darker than Amazonian Clay. Maybe I could have worked with this, if it didn’t turn even more orange on my skin. This really, really loves to oxidize… one of the possibilities of why it wasn’t a popular product… or it could be the fact that it had no staying power (at least on my skin)... and ohhh the transfer. Although to be honest I only wore this like 3 times, before I decided oompa loompa look is not my game and I just didn’t care to try and figure out a combo that would make this work.  In my opinion there are too many products and choices out there. I expect my products to be a match from the get go, I don’t expect to make it work. You know what I mean? Plus it appears this is also way past it’s expiry date…
We are parting ways. This purchase is a definite regret. Lesson learned: “Don’t buy sale foundation. It’s on sale for a reason.”


  1. they really shouldn't sell things that are out of date, sale or no sale

    I'm having a little La Roche Posay give away on my blog


    1. ahhh it was just a poor choice on my part... should have done my research

  2. oh what a shame :( Thanks for sharing. I haven't tried any base from Tarte yet but I'll make sure to be really careful with my selection.

    1. they seem to have a fan following with the Amazonian Clay, and other than the shade confusion since the initial release, I like it too... but I'm really not rushing to try any other base from Tarte