Saturday, August 23, 2014

Love - Lovefresh Vanilla Scrub

New scrub era has dawned in my shower. What I thought was going to be my HG for life has been replaced. Not because the company changed formulation, or increased the price, but because it’s not on the shelves. I feel Philosophy puts out a scrub twice a year, winter and summer, and I used to stock up, but when I run out two months ago, I cold not restock. I’m not sure if Philosophy discontinued their scrub or they just can’t keep up with the demand. Either way, I went out to find a more reliable scrub source.

My first purchase (post Philosophy) was as a dud, you can find out why here. But my second is sweet Vanilla heaven. I acquired this at Ten Spot (a Toronto mani pedi spa) and I don’t think I’ll be going back to Philosophy even if I do see it back at Sephora (but I lie to myself all the time :))

Let me count the ways I love LoveFresh body scrub.

1. The heavenly, heavenly scent. Vanilla is not the only option, but it’s the one I was drawn to (I’m a vanilla lover)… and oh this is soooo good. I want to dip my spoon in it to sweeten my coffee with this (but I haven’t). Sensory bliss.
2. Consistency. Not only a treat for the nose but also for the digits. It’s grainy, but soft at the same time. I lack the words to describe it.  If you find yourself anywhere where there is a jar of this open, stick your fingers in it. You’ll like it.

3. Abrasives; spot on. Philosophy was a salt scrub, this is a sugar scrub. I find sugar to be finer in grain, but no less effective. Like Philosophy, description on the container suggest scrubbing damp skin. But I find that salt or sugar just melt too fast that way, and I don’t get the scrub I like. Personally I like to jump into my shower and exfoliate while still dry. Feels good.
4. Ingredient list. I read it, and I think if I were so inclined/motivated I could figure this out in my own kitchen. But I’m not. I did take the time to type it out for you all at the very end of this post.

5. Second ingredient is safflower oil. There might be those who won’t like it, but I love it. I think if you were to use this scrub at the end of your shower, you’ll have no need to moisturize. This leaves a bit of a greasy feeling on my legs (but remember I do this first, then I shower, so I always wash it off). My tub has a bit of a slippery feel to it at first. I’m not bothered, shampoo and body wash take care of any residue in the tub.
6. Amount and cost; 500ml for $30 CAD (on par with Philosophy), much cheaper than Caudalie.
I hope LoveFresh doesn’t try to “improve” on this new favourite of mine… like ever. I love this, I need this, I’m a LoveFresh body scrub convert. 

As this post is going up, I'm already on my second jar....  this stuff is just that good. Addict.

Sunflower Seed Oil
Shea Butter
Fragrance or Essential Oil
Vitamin E
Grapefruit Seed Extract
Caprylic Triglyceride
Calendula Flower Extract
Rose Flower Extract
White Willow Bark Extract
Red Clover Flower

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