Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Giovanni Eco Chic Hair Care - Tea Tree Triple Treat Invigorating Shampoo & Conditioner

I’m becoming more economical in my shampoo and conditioner purchases, meaning I am going for the 1L behemoths I can find at Winners :) Why? you may ask. Well because I shampoo my hair every day. I know it’s considered unwise, but I workout and my scalp gets sweaty.  The idea of putting dry shampoo on after makes me gag. I wouldn’t feel clean, just more gunked up. Also Winners carries some great brands and for so much cheaper.

Case in point the Giovanni duo I picked up recently. Combined cost $30CAD… I’ve spent more on a 250ml shampoo alone, and it wasn’t that great (talking about this one). So this is a total score just in terms of amount vs price alone.

Not only is this purchase wallet wise, it’s health-wise as well; as this is an organic, vegetarian (no animal testing), eco friendly brand.

Of course there are different formulations for different hair types, but I settled for the good old fashioned “all hair type”. One, because I couldn’t find the matching conditioner for “normal to dry” shampoo, and two, I do love mint scented hair products so.

So a bit about the product from info that I glanced on the bottles. This particular combo is called "Tea Tree Triple Treat", an "invigorating" duo that contains a blend of botanical oils of peppermint (tingly), rosemary (conditioning), and eucalyptus (clarifying).  It promises to:
- increase scalp circulation
- strengthen hair
- alleviate dry, flaking scalp
- encourages natural shine and resiliance

I am buying into all those promises. On top of it, Giovanni products do not contain any parabens, lauryl or laureth sulfate, or dyes, and I know that matters to some of you.

I’ve been using this duo for a few weeks now (well I do mix in a bit of Phyto Phytobaume with the conditioner, because I have it, and liliac-mint combo is delicious), and I’m happy to report that Giovanni makes great “all hair” type shampoo and conditioner, as tested on my fine, highlighted, prone to frizz locks.

On daily basis hair has been left clean, soft, bouncy, tangle-free, and I’m hoping smelling sweet (isn’t it nutty that we can’t really smell ourselves?)

This duo will last for quite a bit. The old me used to have 3-5 different bottles of shampoo at the same time, because I like to mix it up. The new more economical me, still wants that, but due to the size I think I might have to settle for just 2.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Boscia Tsubaki Oil-Infused Exfoliating Powder

I love Boscia's cleansing oil... love it... love it. I've repurchased countless bottles; and so when a new Boscia product appeared on Sephora shelves I couldn't wait to try it. 

Before this purchase I was exfoliating daily with Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant, really like it. Thought about a repurchase then decided to try a new exfoliating powder, and so Boscia ends up on my bathroom shelf.
The packaging is beautiful and tickles my girly side. The product does settle quite a bit.
The opening is sealed; so if you ever buy one that's missing it, return it.
But once you pop the seal, the opening is a tad too big for my liking. Personally I feel too much product comes out each time, it's a tricky thing to control.
As for the product itself.... well it's sort of like the Microfoliant and nothing like the Microfoliant. It's a powder that  you mix with water to form a paste. Then you gently smooth it over your face in circular motion. So that's sort of like the Microfoliant. But it feels completely different. It is extremely creamy and it foams really well. It feels.... soft. The exfoliating granules are few and feel big, I don't get the feeling that they did much exfoliating, I was actually worried they might scratch my skin instead.

This morning I used the last little bit of it. So it took me approx 3 months to finish this bottle... and I'm on the fence. I like it because I love Boscia, this didn't break me out, and felt really nice... I didn't like it because I just didn't feel like it actually exfoliated, the foaming action weirded me out, and I'm just not won over.

So at this time, no repurchae... but there might be one eventually... just so I can makeup my mind one way or the other...

Friday, September 26, 2014

it Cosmetics Liner Love Waterproof Anit-Aging Creme Gel Eyeliner in Midnight Navy

The second gel eyeliner that was on my list to acquire, was Midnight Navy. No tiny shimmer particles in this one... but I'm loving this blue.
Even when fully dried this liner has a pretty shine to it that I like.
direct sunlight
Now I just need a beautiful jade one or maybe forest green...

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

it Cosmetics Liner Love Waterproof Anit-Aging Creme Gel Eyeliner in Rich Plum

Along with the showstopper I've included a couple of it Cosmetic gel eye liners. I already own two: Silk Taupe and Graphite and alternate between them daily. Seriously these are awesome, and I wanted to expand my color range.

Rich Plum is a beautiful multi-dimensional aubergine. It looks so pretty in the sunshine.
Just like my previous two, the formula is outstanding. Creamy and richly pigmented. Applies smoothly without pulling or tugging. Lasting power is unbeatable, no smudging or fading throughout the day. This means when the time comes to remove it, you'll need an oil based makeup remover. Water just won't do it.
direct sunlinght
shade - the shimmer disappears, and excuse the pink arm... it was a chilly day

Monday, September 22, 2014

it Cosmetics Showstopper

The weekend of Sept. 13th, it Cosmetics was back on The Shopping Channel... and you know I just live for their deals. I've passed on a few but this time around I couldn't deny myself. They have a new product I can't wait to try.

So for about $60 CAD ($59.95) these are the products you will see on this blog in the coming months.
1. CC+ Veil Beauty Fluid Foundation SPF 50+ - This is the product I had to try. IT foundations are the best. I've loved every single one that I've tried to date. I  hope this will be no different.

2. Bye Bye Under Eye Corrector Concentrate Cream - I have a version of this that used to come in a tube, good stuff. This is packaged in a jar, but I'm confident the quality and coverage will be the same.

3. Your Brows But Better Brow Power Skinny Pencil with Brow Enhancing Technology - wow so many words to name a product. Once again I have a version of this pencil (regular sized not skinny), so I know what to expect, and it's all good.

4. Dual Airbrush Foundation Concealer Brush - I love their brushes, I just hate dual ended ones. But for $59.95 I'll learn to deal with it.

5. CC+ Lip Serum Hydrating Anti-Aging Color Correcting Creme Gloss - I am obsessed and addicted to this product. Color included in the showstopper is the original Love, that you can see here.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Wishes, Wants, and Needs Vol. 3

I had a plan of doing this kind of post every 6 months or so, but then decided against it. I usually don’t have a whole bunch of stuff I want all at once. Sometimes my wants = my needs and I just acquire the product. But it’s been a while, and things have been adding up… so here is my third list. I plan to acquire majority of the stuff because what’s the point of the list if I don't :)
1. Running Shoes - instead of style, I’m referencing a store I’ll get them at. A Toronto based store dedicated to runners. I hope their knowledgeable staff hooks me up with some kick ass kicks.

2. NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow. Either Casseopeia, or Andromeda, or Dione, or Desdemona, or Callisto... or .... :). It would be lovely to have at least one in my collection. (image from the http://www.thenonblonde.com)

3. Those rings in Revlon nail polish magazine adds. One word, OBSESSED. Who are they by? Where can I get them? Most importantly how much are they? Can I even afford to fantasize about them?

4. iPhone case. This is the one. So freaking awesome. My fingers are practicality itching to place the order.

5. Bag Balm. I hear it’s great for nails; and at approximately $12 a pop, I don’t know why it’s on this list and not in my stash.

6. Sisley-Paris single eyeshadow in Dune. Because it’s called Dune. In eyeshadow world this is on par with Louboutin nail polish. The most ridiculously priced shadow I know of.

7. Sigma Beauty brush cleaning glove. I said I didn’t need it, didn’t want it. But I lied… I think I need it, and I want it.

8. Louboutin nail polish. Every single bottle. My 3 year goal :)

 ..... and that's it for Vol 3... expect to see some of this stuff in future blog posts :)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Aveda Shampure Shampoo

For a period of time in my life I used to frequent a salon that only stocked and used Aveda products. I was loyal to a stylist, who's hands were magic. She knew my hair, knew my likes, knew my quirks, and my social awkwardness.  Then my stylist left, and shortly after so did I. No one there had quite the deft fingers she did. Sometimes I find myself missing that Aveda salon scent, but not enough to venture back.

Few months back, I needed a shampoo and my nostalgia led me to buy this one. I don’t think this scent will have a universal appeal, it’s quite herbal and strong, but I like it.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from it. Even with online research I could not figure out if “Shampure” means this shampoo is pure and therefore gentle and good for everyday use… or if “Shampure” means this shampoo is clarifying, as in, use once in a while to remove build up. Since I wash my hair daily, I just decided to interchange it with others that I have so that I won’t overdo it in case it’s the second one.

At this time, my bottle is running dry, and I have to say all in all great stuff. After each use, my fine hair has body and bounce; and I’m a fan. I used it in conjunction with some Phyto conditioners I have (this one and this one); and it was an excellent hair cocktail.

I want to repurchase, but I don’t want to spend the money :) Hoping to find it on sale at Winners or Home Sense one of these days… fingers crossed :) If I don't find it on sale, I still might splurge... it doesn't take much for me to talk myself into a "need" for a product :)

UPDATE: ummmm don't know how I missed it, but prior to this post going up I checked Aveda website again and the shampoo is described as "gentle daily shampoo", so there is my answer. I decided to add this update instead of re-writing this post... lazy are I.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Love - EO Shower Gel in Meyer Lemon + Honey

Today I want to talk about this great body wash. Like any girl/woman I go thorough a lot of body wash. Many days a week I tend to shower twice (morning and night)… that is normal, right? :) I think it is... While I also feel I was a cat in my past life because I actually hate getting wet, I love smelling and feeling clean... and so I shower :)

My ramble don’t matter...what matters is that a 250ml bottle of anything doesn’t last me very long; and while body wash doesn’t have to be expensive those $4.99 purchases add up when you’re making them often... and more often than not I would purchase something closer to the ten dollar mark...

So, one day, Winners browsing, I spot this on the shelf. Read the description and love it, smell it and love it, see the price tag and you guessed it love it.

It’s a giant 1L bottle of happy. First the scent “Meyer Lemon & Honey”. Delicate, citrusy, slightly sweet.

The price for this shower staple, only $12.99 CAD (+ some taxes of course).

It’s been 5 months since I put this in my shower. I still have a bit over 1/4 of the bottle left. But I ventured into Home Sense the other day and picked up another bottle. This time a refreshing blend of “Grapefruit & Mint”.

Final Note. Winners, Home Sense, Marshall’s… those three are relatively close to my place… and they all carry very similar stuff. Find something at one, good chance the other 2 also have it… at least when it comes to body wash :)
And that great description:

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Urban Decay The Mother Lode Swatch XVII - Polyester Bride, Vanilla, Maui Wowie, Zephyr

This is the last Mother Lode swatch post... I'm sad and at the same time relieved that I managed to go through them all. Now I better to start using them :)
Polyester Bride - white snow shimmer with silver micro-glitter
Vanilla - golden pearl shimmer
Maui Wowie - metallic golden beige with silver glitter
Zephyr - natural pearl shimmer
natural light - shade
natural light - direct sunlight

Friday, September 12, 2014

Urban Decay The Mother Lode Swatch XVI - Virgin, Foxy, Verve, Midnight Cowgirl

Now for the real pales...
Virgin - cool pale beige satin
Foxy - cream bisque matte
Verve - oyster shimmer
Midnight Cowgirl - warm sand shimmer with multi-colored glitter
natural light - shade
natural light- direct sunlight

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Urban Decay The Mother Lode Swatch XV - Baked, X, Naked, Half Baked

Baked - rich bronze shimmer  
X - peach shimmer with gold shift 
Naked - nude matte 
Half Baked - golden bronze
natural light - shade
natural light - direct sunlight

Monday, September 8, 2014

Urban Decay The Mother Lode Swatch XIV - Buck, Chase, YDK, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again

We are moving onto some browns and neutrals...
Buck - fawn brown matte (so gorgeous... love the texture)
Chase - bright bronze
YDK - cool bronze shimmer 
Midnight Cowboy Rides Again - light pink champagne with silver glitter (too coarse for my liking... don't know how we'll get along)
natural light - shade
natural light - direct sunlight

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Christian Louboutin - Rouge Louboutin

The bolgosphere has let me down :) I did not find about this from other bogglers but from a random visit to HR website.

And in turn I’ve let my blog down, because I acquired this on Aug 2nd, but not talking about it until now.

So you most likely already know that Christian Louboutin is coming out with nail polish (maybe it will lead to a full makeup range eventually), but for now just polish. There will be 31 initial shades grouped into 3 categories (nude, pop (brights), noir (darks) ). The other 30 joined the initial first on Aug. 30 at Holt Renfrew on Bloor St (shoe dept.). By the end of Aug 31, 5 shades were sold out (3 from the noir range and 2 from the nude range). I sure hope they restock soon.

However going back to the first jewel in this collection; the gorgeous Rouge Louboutin, the iconic red shade found on the soles of all those beautiful shoes only a few of us can ever afford.

I could not imagine not having this in my collection.

Limited quantity would have made acquiring one tricky if not for my husband and the people he befriends. This is the most expensive single polish in my collection (approx $65 CAD with taxes).
One of my sister’s asked me if it was worth it, what’s the colour payoff, wearability, durability, and so on… I looked at her like she was nuts… I didn’t buy it because of how it wears… I bought if for what it is!, which is the first CL nail polish! (so maybe I’m the nut :))
 But it is oh so gorgeous. The bottle designed after one of his most impossible creations the “Ballerina Ultima” slipper. The cap is 8 inches in length (the actual heel height of the slipper). Glass a gorgeous ombre transitioning from black to clear… and that irresistible Louboutin red.
I’m sorry to say, you’ll have to troll the web for swatches. I have yet to bring myself to pop the seal and open this up. The furthest I’ve gone is to take it out of its packaging.

I feel no regrets over my splurge. I’m not sure when or if I’ll ever wear it, but even if I don’t, this still makes one heck of a gorgeous paper weight :)