Thursday, September 18, 2014

Aveda Shampure Shampoo

For a period of time in my life I used to frequent a salon that only stocked and used Aveda products. I was loyal to a stylist, who's hands were magic. She knew my hair, knew my likes, knew my quirks, and my social awkwardness.  Then my stylist left, and shortly after so did I. No one there had quite the deft fingers she did. Sometimes I find myself missing that Aveda salon scent, but not enough to venture back.

Few months back, I needed a shampoo and my nostalgia led me to buy this one. I don’t think this scent will have a universal appeal, it’s quite herbal and strong, but I like it.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from it. Even with online research I could not figure out if “Shampure” means this shampoo is pure and therefore gentle and good for everyday use… or if “Shampure” means this shampoo is clarifying, as in, use once in a while to remove build up. Since I wash my hair daily, I just decided to interchange it with others that I have so that I won’t overdo it in case it’s the second one.

At this time, my bottle is running dry, and I have to say all in all great stuff. After each use, my fine hair has body and bounce; and I’m a fan. I used it in conjunction with some Phyto conditioners I have (this one and this one); and it was an excellent hair cocktail.

I want to repurchase, but I don’t want to spend the money :) Hoping to find it on sale at Winners or Home Sense one of these days… fingers crossed :) If I don't find it on sale, I still might splurge... it doesn't take much for me to talk myself into a "need" for a product :)

UPDATE: ummmm don't know how I missed it, but prior to this post going up I checked Aveda website again and the shampoo is described as "gentle daily shampoo", so there is my answer. I decided to add this update instead of re-writing this post... lazy are I.


  1. oh I have fond memories of using this shampoo! Not for years though. Might have to check it out again x

    1. i just finished it two days ago... miss it already :)