Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Christian Louboutin - Rouge Louboutin

The bolgosphere has let me down :) I did not find about this from other bogglers but from a random visit to HR website.

And in turn I’ve let my blog down, because I acquired this on Aug 2nd, but not talking about it until now.

So you most likely already know that Christian Louboutin is coming out with nail polish (maybe it will lead to a full makeup range eventually), but for now just polish. There will be 31 initial shades grouped into 3 categories (nude, pop (brights), noir (darks) ). The other 30 joined the initial first on Aug. 30 at Holt Renfrew on Bloor St (shoe dept.). By the end of Aug 31, 5 shades were sold out (3 from the noir range and 2 from the nude range). I sure hope they restock soon.

However going back to the first jewel in this collection; the gorgeous Rouge Louboutin, the iconic red shade found on the soles of all those beautiful shoes only a few of us can ever afford.

I could not imagine not having this in my collection.

Limited quantity would have made acquiring one tricky if not for my husband and the people he befriends. This is the most expensive single polish in my collection (approx $65 CAD with taxes).
One of my sister’s asked me if it was worth it, what’s the colour payoff, wearability, durability, and so on… I looked at her like she was nuts… I didn’t buy it because of how it wears… I bought if for what it is!, which is the first CL nail polish! (so maybe I’m the nut :))
 But it is oh so gorgeous. The bottle designed after one of his most impossible creations the “Ballerina Ultima” slipper. The cap is 8 inches in length (the actual heel height of the slipper). Glass a gorgeous ombre transitioning from black to clear… and that irresistible Louboutin red.
I’m sorry to say, you’ll have to troll the web for swatches. I have yet to bring myself to pop the seal and open this up. The furthest I’ve gone is to take it out of its packaging.

I feel no regrets over my splurge. I’m not sure when or if I’ll ever wear it, but even if I don’t, this still makes one heck of a gorgeous paper weight :)

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