Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Giovanni Eco Chic Hair Care - Tea Tree Triple Treat Invigorating Shampoo & Conditioner

I’m becoming more economical in my shampoo and conditioner purchases, meaning I am going for the 1L behemoths I can find at Winners :) Why? you may ask. Well because I shampoo my hair every day. I know it’s considered unwise, but I workout and my scalp gets sweaty.  The idea of putting dry shampoo on after makes me gag. I wouldn’t feel clean, just more gunked up. Also Winners carries some great brands and for so much cheaper.

Case in point the Giovanni duo I picked up recently. Combined cost $30CAD… I’ve spent more on a 250ml shampoo alone, and it wasn’t that great (talking about this one). So this is a total score just in terms of amount vs price alone.

Not only is this purchase wallet wise, it’s health-wise as well; as this is an organic, vegetarian (no animal testing), eco friendly brand.

Of course there are different formulations for different hair types, but I settled for the good old fashioned “all hair type”. One, because I couldn’t find the matching conditioner for “normal to dry” shampoo, and two, I do love mint scented hair products so.

So a bit about the product from info that I glanced on the bottles. This particular combo is called "Tea Tree Triple Treat", an "invigorating" duo that contains a blend of botanical oils of peppermint (tingly), rosemary (conditioning), and eucalyptus (clarifying).  It promises to:
- increase scalp circulation
- strengthen hair
- alleviate dry, flaking scalp
- encourages natural shine and resiliance

I am buying into all those promises. On top of it, Giovanni products do not contain any parabens, lauryl or laureth sulfate, or dyes, and I know that matters to some of you.

I’ve been using this duo for a few weeks now (well I do mix in a bit of Phyto Phytobaume with the conditioner, because I have it, and liliac-mint combo is delicious), and I’m happy to report that Giovanni makes great “all hair” type shampoo and conditioner, as tested on my fine, highlighted, prone to frizz locks.

On daily basis hair has been left clean, soft, bouncy, tangle-free, and I’m hoping smelling sweet (isn’t it nutty that we can’t really smell ourselves?)

This duo will last for quite a bit. The old me used to have 3-5 different bottles of shampoo at the same time, because I like to mix it up. The new more economical me, still wants that, but due to the size I think I might have to settle for just 2.

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