Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Love - EO Shower Gel in Meyer Lemon + Honey

Today I want to talk about this great body wash. Like any girl/woman I go thorough a lot of body wash. Many days a week I tend to shower twice (morning and night)… that is normal, right? :) I think it is... While I also feel I was a cat in my past life because I actually hate getting wet, I love smelling and feeling clean... and so I shower :)

My ramble don’t matter...what matters is that a 250ml bottle of anything doesn’t last me very long; and while body wash doesn’t have to be expensive those $4.99 purchases add up when you’re making them often... and more often than not I would purchase something closer to the ten dollar mark...

So, one day, Winners browsing, I spot this on the shelf. Read the description and love it, smell it and love it, see the price tag and you guessed it love it.

It’s a giant 1L bottle of happy. First the scent “Meyer Lemon & Honey”. Delicate, citrusy, slightly sweet.

The price for this shower staple, only $12.99 CAD (+ some taxes of course).

It’s been 5 months since I put this in my shower. I still have a bit over 1/4 of the bottle left. But I ventured into Home Sense the other day and picked up another bottle. This time a refreshing blend of “Grapefruit & Mint”.

Final Note. Winners, Home Sense, Marshall’s… those three are relatively close to my place… and they all carry very similar stuff. Find something at one, good chance the other 2 also have it… at least when it comes to body wash :)
And that great description:

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