Saturday, September 20, 2014

Wishes, Wants, and Needs Vol. 3

I had a plan of doing this kind of post every 6 months or so, but then decided against it. I usually don’t have a whole bunch of stuff I want all at once. Sometimes my wants = my needs and I just acquire the product. But it’s been a while, and things have been adding up… so here is my third list. I plan to acquire majority of the stuff because what’s the point of the list if I don't :)
1. Running Shoes - instead of style, I’m referencing a store I’ll get them at. A Toronto based store dedicated to runners. I hope their knowledgeable staff hooks me up with some kick ass kicks.

2. NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow. Either Casseopeia, or Andromeda, or Dione, or Desdemona, or Callisto... or .... :). It would be lovely to have at least one in my collection. (image from the

3. Those rings in Revlon nail polish magazine adds. One word, OBSESSED. Who are they by? Where can I get them? Most importantly how much are they? Can I even afford to fantasize about them?

4. iPhone case. This is the one. So freaking awesome. My fingers are practicality itching to place the order.

5. Bag Balm. I hear it’s great for nails; and at approximately $12 a pop, I don’t know why it’s on this list and not in my stash.

6. Sisley-Paris single eyeshadow in Dune. Because it’s called Dune. In eyeshadow world this is on par with Louboutin nail polish. The most ridiculously priced shadow I know of.

7. Sigma Beauty brush cleaning glove. I said I didn’t need it, didn’t want it. But I lied… I think I need it, and I want it.

8. Louboutin nail polish. Every single bottle. My 3 year goal :)

 ..... and that's it for Vol 3... expect to see some of this stuff in future blog posts :)

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