Sunday, October 19, 2014

Love - Alterna Caviar CC Cream - 10-in-1 Complete Correction Leave-in Hair Perfector

So first I got that little sample (left) by trading in some points at Sephora. You can see how much of it I've used up before I decided I needed the full sized version; and the Allure magazine agrees by stamping its red sticker on the tube.

I haven't gotten onto the CC cream for the face bandwagon, but if there is one for hair, I'm all for it. Daily, I scrunch some of this into my damp hair. It adds a little bit of definition without any weight or crunch. My hair feels soft and conditioned, although I must point out that I mix this in with a bit of oil that I'll talk about soon. So it might not be all because of the CC cream, but I'll still re-purchase it.

Alterna claims that is has 10 benefits, and here they are:
1. Moisture - sure I'll agree with this one. I color my hair every 3 months or so, and wash it daily. It doesn't feel like straw to the touch.
2. Shine - not as much as I like.
3. Smoothness - my hair is naturally wavy, and I don't bother to straighten it. So can't really comment on this claim, but my hair isn't as frizzy as it is without this.
4. Softness - yup, a definite yup.
5. UV Protection - I'm not a sun worshiper, but if I ever go on another beach vacation, I'll pack this along.
6. Manageability - I feel as if Alterna is straining to reach 10. But ok, I do find my hair manageable :)
7. Strength - maybe after a few more tubes. My hair is thin and fine, so I'll buy into this claim because I need/want to .
8. Anti-Breakage - true in my case. If my hair is on strike it just falls out, it doesn't bother breaking first :)
9. Heat Protection - as the only time my hair experiences a blowdrier is at the salon. This claim doesn't play much of a role in the day-to-day life of my hair. Out of laziness and lack of motivation/skill I let my hair air dry.
10. Light Hold - yes totally agree with this.

Lastly and I'm making this an honorary benefit #11, this has a lovely, simply lovely light lemony scent... so fresh... citrus rules :)

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