Thursday, October 2, 2014

Love - Aveda's Green Science™ Friming Eye Creme

I've been using this religiously every single night for approximately 3 months now. My little pot is more than 3/4 gone so it's about time I threw my 2 cents about it out to the internet. (Speaking of cents... we no longer have them in Canada, seems they were more expensive to make than their actual worth :))

But about the cream. I had a coupon for Aveda that needed using up before it expired. Eye cream is a daily staple of mine that I also love to switch up a lot, and so I gave Aveda's Green Science™ Firming Eye Creme a  go. I must say this was a good un-researched buy on my part.
From the marketing material.

"Moisturizes, helps smooth fine lines and reduces appearance of puffiness and dark circles.

Lady's thistle, organic argan oil and cactus formula helps to moisturize skin and smooth fine lines. Peptides and plant-derived buckwheat wax help to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Organic argan oil*, one of the key ingredients in Aveda's  Green Science™ skin care, comes from the nut of the fruit of the argan tree, which grows in Morocco."

Sounds good, doesn't it... This is a pale green cream with a barely there scent, that I can only describe as green as well. It is extremely smooth and soft. Taps in quickly without any greasy residue. The best part... this cream can also be used on your eyelids, which I do.
Do I look younger? Well... first thing in the morning I'd say yes.. but it might be because I'm still sleepy while gazing at myself in the mirror, in which I see smooth orbital skin. As the day progresses, fine lines seem to accumulate around the eye area... although dare I hope not at the rate they would have without this cream :) At the end of the day I discern a fine criss-cross mesh that I erase overnight with the  Green Science™ ... and the cycle continues :)

Price? Approx. $50 CAD, to some expensive, to some affordable, to me somewhere in-between... I'd pay it again.

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