Thursday, October 23, 2014

Love - Laura Mercier Mini Caviar Stick Eye Colour Quartet

This is my favorite time of the year. From Oct to New Year's Eve I'm in seasonal bliss. I love the weather (fall to winter), but more than that I love all the holiday sets that makeup companies put out.

There is a few that I would like, but I'm trying to keep a tight rein on my wallet. So far so good :)

One set that I knew I couldn't resist, and I wasn't going to even fight it is the mini caviar eye sticks from Laura Mercier. I already own a one is full sized version called Sandglow, and I absolutely love it. The formula is outstanding, super creamy, beautifully pigmented. It glides on, depositing color evenly, without any tugging, and it blends seamlessly. I highly, highly recommend Laura's caviar sticks... that is if you can justify the price point. Each regular sized one, retails for about $34 CAD.
Now the reason I wanted this set, is for one color... Amethyst, because all of the beauty bloggers and vloggers who I follow who own it, just rave over this shade. The other 3 are a sweet bonus. Made even sweeter by the fact that none of them is Sandglow... so no dupes for moi. Below comparison between the regular and the minis.
The colors included in this mini collection are:
Rose Gold - rosy gold shimmer
Moonlight - metallic champagne beige 
Amethyst - soft mauve with pearl
Cocoa - chocolate brown with bronze pearl
The set cost me $46 CAD (with taxes $52 CAD)... a splurge for sure. But supposedly the actual value is $74 CAD... so I couldn't help but do some math.

A single full sized caviar stick costs $34 and you get 0.05oz of product.
The mini set gives you 0.03oz of product in each stick (a whopping 0.12 oz all together :)) for $46.

So each 0.01oz in a full sized version sets you back $6.80, and the same amount in the mini set works out to be only $3.83. Which means the mini set is a deal for sure, as long as you like and will use at least 3 out of the 4 shades.

I don't see how you wouldn't, see below for how gorgeous these are. On the left the shade blended out, on the right in it's full pigmented glory. Now I understand the love affair everyone seems to have with Amethyst...

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